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mctr As a one-time payment, the Middle Class Tax Refund (MCTR) helps California residents.


The payment will be sent to you automatically if you qualify. Between October 2022 and January 2023, disbursements are scheduled to begin.

If you have any issues or want to activate your card, please use the links provided here.

Find out if you qualify

You qualify if and only if…

Have your tax return for 2020 submitted by October 15, 2021 I

Have an income below the thresholds set forth in the What You May Receive section based on your California adjusted gross income (CA AGI).

For the 2020 tax year, you couldn’t be claimed as a dependent.

Attended school in California for at least half of the 2020 fiscal year

On the date the payment is made, you live in California

What form will your compensation take?

Payments for the MCTR will be made to California residents by direct deposit or a debit card.

Eligible individuals who electronically submitted their California state income tax return in 2020 will often get their refunds via direct deposit. The remaining qualified taxpayers will get their MCTR payments by debit card in the mail.

You will get your money by mail in the form of a debit card if you:

Took the old-fashioned route and submitted a paper tax

Had a balance due

Received your Golden State Stimulus (GSS) payment via check

Received your tax refund by check regardless of filing method

Received your 2020 tax refund via direct deposit, but have subsequently changed your financial institution or bank account number

Received an advance payment from your tax service provider, or paid your tax preparer fees using your tax refund

When you’ll receive your payment

To the bank accounts of GSS I and GSS II recipients residing in California, MCTR payments are projected to be distributed between October 7, 2022 and October 25, 2022. The final installment of direct payments is scheduled for the period of October 28, 2022, through November 14, 2022.

If you have updated your banking information since submitting your 2020 tax return, you will get a debit card instead of a check for your MCTR. The mailing of debit cards to this group will occur between December 17, 2022 and January 14, 2023.

If you lived in California and got either GSS I or GSS II, your MCTR debit card payment is scheduled to arrive in the mail between October 24, 2022 and December 10, 2022. By January 14, 2023, all remaining debit cards will have been mailed.