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magnilife foot cream reviews

magnilife foot cream reviews. For relief from sharp, stabbing, burning, or tingling pain in the feet, try MagniLife DB Pain Relieving Foot Cream. Dry, cracked, itchy, and sensitive skin can benefit from this intense moisturizing treatment, as can calluses, which can be loosened to prevent cracks and fissures. As it contains no potentially harmful ingredients like mineral oils, petroleum, fragrance, or dyes, it is perfectly fine for diabetics to use between their toes. Legs and hands are acceptable as well.

magnilife foot cream reviews
magnilife foot cream reviews

soothes the sharp, stabbing, burning, and tingling pain

Helps soothe and repair severely dry, cracked skin

An itchy scalp is quickly relieved by this hydrating formula.

Reduces the hardness of calluses and smoothes out creases and crevices.

Zero traces of artificial colors, flavors, or oils

Acceptable for use by people with diabetes

The Working Components

Apis mellifera 3X HPUS (Relieves foot pain)

G. sempervirens 6X HPUS (External analgesic)

The Gnaphalium 6X HPUS (Relieves foot pain)

Non-therapeutic constituents

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Canola Oil (Canola Oil), Beeswax (Beeswax), Octyl Stearate, Methyl Salicylate, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Triethanolamine, Oil of Bergamot, Oil of Camphor, Oil of Menthol, Oil of Eucalyptus, Steareth-10, Steareth-21, Ceteth-20, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol

The question everyone wants answered: how long does it take for the medicine to work?

Every person has their own unique reaction. We recommend giving the medicine at least six weeks to work at its full potential because relief can come on suddenly or gradually.

Will this work on my legs? Sometimes the same pain that I feel in my feet also occurs in my hands; how about applying it there?

While it was originally formulated for foot pain, DB Pain Relieving Foot Cream has proven to be just as effective in relieving aches and discomfort in the legs and hands.

magnilife foot cream reviews
magnilife foot cream reviews