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luxenoa reviews

luxenoa reviews. This three-piece set is the perfect way to fill your home with Luxenoa’s signature blend of luxurious scent and timeless design. The set includes a scented jar candle, a reed diffuser, and a room spray, all presented in a striking and beautiful black and gold design that will make a stunning decorative feature in any setting while also aiding in wonderfully layering your chosen aroma. Want to spread the love around? Gifting the set is simple because each of the three pieces is presented in its own wrapping.

luxenoa reviews
luxenoa reviews

If you were to purchase each piece of this Luxenoa set from separately, the total price would be $79 plus postage and handling, so you’ll save a ton by purchasing the set instead. You save $26.07 with today’s special value price of $47.98 plus shipping and handling.

Candles in the Luxenoa range are hand-blended and hand-poured in the United Kingdom. Luxenoa puts their candles through rigorous testing to ensure that they burn evenly and consistently, releasing their fragrance gradually and reliably for up to 40 hours without producing much smoke.

These magnificent designs and aromas were created specifically for QVC by Rylan, and are currently only available through QVC, so don’t miss out!

This three-piece Complete Home Scenting Collection comes in your choice of three different fragrances, allowing you to find the scent that best complements your home’s ambiance. A spicy Oceana aroma, an earthy Casa Verde bouquet, or a sugary Santala aroma awaits your selection.

The diffuser can release fragrance for up to 10 weeks.

Gift-wrapped separately for your convenience.

Candles are produced using only natural mineral wax.

Oceana’s scented details are as follows:

Pepper, juniper, and angelica make up the top notes.

the middle notes of pine, lavender, and violet

Cashmere, musk, amber, patchouli, and vetiver serve as the foundation.

House of Green:

Flavor boosters: matcha and bergamot

Jasmine, green tea, and orris make up the middle notes.

Musk, cedarwood and gaiac wood are the foundational notes.


Cardamom, carrot, elemi, and olibanum are the primary aromas.

Middle tones: jasmine, lily of the valley, orris, and violet

Dry amber, musk, nagarmotha, sandalwood, and vanilla make up the base notes.


1 Scented Candle in a Jar (220g)

1 x reed diffuser (black) (100ml)

1. Spray for the room (100ml)

luxenoa reviews
luxenoa reviews