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luminance red reviews

How does it function, exactly?

The science is both elementary and advanced. When red light is shone on the skin, the body is able to absorb and use the energy in the light for whatever purposes it sees fit. This method of expansion is analogous to photosynthesis in plants. The skin can use the energy to speed up the healing process and fortify itself against future viral attacks. More energy, in the form of ATP, is produced as a result of improved oxygen utilization throughout the body. Light therapy for canker sores has been shown to significantly shorten the time it takes for the sore to heal, from an average of 8.9 days down to 3.1.


There is an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 for Luminance Red on Amazon. The vast majority are raving, but you will find a few naysayers here and there. Here are some excerpts from user comments for your perusal. For this product, the number of rave reviews greatly outnumbers the few naysayers. Some people have found this product to be ineffective, but the majority have found it to be helpful.

The Luminance was able to speed up the healing process, so that was a plus.

I cannot believe how well it has functioned and how simple it is to employ.

After a day, the smaller blisters hardly bothered me at all. After two days, I could touch them without feeling any pain.

You’ll only need a minute and a half for the treatment. You can do two treatments back to back if the pain is severe. The treatment itself is very comforting, and the gentle warmth of the lighting complements it perfectly.


After following the directions and using it every day for a week, I was dismayed to find that it provided me with zero observable benefits.

Do We Have to Wonder If Luminance Red Is Real or Not?

Our research suggests that luminance red is not a fraud, but some users report seeing no effects from the gadget. We conclude that the device is a legitimate canker sore treatment and is not a placebo, though its efficacy varies from person to person.

Guaranteed Refunds

The 6-month money-back guarantee is a great perk of this product. They will pay for the cost of shipping it back to them if you are dissatisfied within the first six months. This is a great benefit because it gives the customer a risk-free opportunity to try the product.