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Lavitem Review

Lavitem Review: What does it do: Brightening, Anti-ageing, and Hydrating. Personally, I didn’t see drastic anti-aging effects or drastic brightening effects. I can say, however, that this did help hydrate my skin IF LAYERED. and that I think this is able to brighten skin tone if used CONSISTENTLY. But not drastically.

Lavitem Review
Lavitem Review

Suitable for: they assert all skin types. I might say this is often unsuitable for those with very sensitive skin (where everything hurts when applied on the skin) and skin that’s severely dehydrated/dry. For those that aren’t too dry and aren’t too sensitive, and need their skin brightened then this could be fine.

Also for ‘uneven and aging skin’ (due to the Niacinamide).

Directions: Cleanse face, shake the bottle (to mix contents), use cotton pad or hands to use onto face. (quick tip – for another glow – use the rice toner after exfoliating) – I afflict this tip because it might sting my face after exfoliation.
-This is often used as a facial mist – I prefer that concept ton.

How I exploit it: Apply onto a cotton pad and swipe OR pour into the palms and pat onto the face. I always require 2 layers (1 layer isn’t hydrating enough for me).

Lavitem Review
Lavitem Review

It is a product that will make dull dark skin lighter and brighter. Please use the Centella clearing Pad which contains 50% of Centella filter result and the rice brightening Pad which contains 50% of rice bran filter result which may treat your skin easily. How to use it every morning and afternoon after washing your face, wash your whole face with an embossing cloth and wash again with a soft cloth and absorb the essence. It is often stored 24 months before opening, and if opened often used within 6 months.

  • If you would like to form dull skin clear and transparent
  • If you would like cosmetics that will be used a day without stimulation
  • If you would like moisturizing and refreshing cosmetics

This pad contains 50% rice bran water which is effective for skin care and nourishes dull skin into cheerful and radiant skin. With a refreshing essence toner pad containing 50% essence of rice bran water rather than a sticky and ineffective cream, you’ll use it a day without load.

Lavitem Review
Lavitem Review

In the overly met Korean online sales market, Rice Brightening Pad is leading the way in skincare and is on sale every minute! Please look out for rough dead skin and skin tones altogether with weak acid pads preferred by the skin!


  • Best suit for cleaning makeup remains
    Multifunction: Toning/Peeling/Moisturizing/Brightening
  • Daily Dead skincare
  • 2 sided pads
    mild texture(embossing)/strong texture
  • Sebum, Pore, Supplying Moisture, beat one care
  • 70 pads/150ml
Lavitem Review
Lavitem Review

Main Ingredient
Centella Asiatica

  • The regular Sebum/Dead skin care with a peeling pad will help your skin to require makeup even better

How to use

  • Mild peeling everywhere your face
  • Strong peeling on your nose and forehead, chin