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The YouTube channel LankyBox, run by friends Justin Kroma and Adam McArthur, is a major player in the Roblox community.

Since its 2016 debut, it has attracted over 21 million subscribers and seen nearly 30 billion views across hundreds of Roblox gameplay videos and animations. Foxy and Boxy, the show’s main characters, will be featured prominently on the Happy Meal-style packaging that LankyBox Kitchen will use to sell their food.

According to a press release, each box will include a unique QR code that will lead you to a secret LankyBox video and other content that will be released in the coming weeks.

The fare at LankyBox Kitchens is exactly what you’d expect from a restaurant with a menu designed with families in mind. Pizza Mac (mac and cheese with cheddar, mozzarella, and pepperoni), personal pizzas, twice-baked wings, and cheesy, Korean barbeque sauce, pepperoni, and jalapeno-topped fries are all on the menu. One can finish their meal with a dessert like Rocky’s Brownie Cookie, named after another of Kroma and McArthur’s characters, or a Colorful Churro dusted with sugar flavored like cotton candy, sour apple, or blue raspberry.

In a statement, CEO Stephanie Sollers of Virtual Dining Concepts expressed her company’s enthusiasm for working with LankyBoxKitchen’s creators, Justin and Adam. The pair had developed a novel, family-friendly food concept specifically for their established and devoted fan base.

Chuck E. Cheese’s parent company, CEC Entertainment, is excited to partner with VDC to pioneer the eatertainment delivery-only dining concept pioneered by the massively successful LankyBox brand, according to David McKillips, CEO and president of CEC Entertainment.

In addition, VDC and Chuck E. Cheese have announced that they will be launching a special marketing campaign to promote the LankyBox, which will include the distribution of exclusive LankyBox content across [Chuck E. Cheeses] social channels and the broadcast of promotional material on all TVs located within Chuck E. Cheese restaurants.