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Kevin Samuels net worth

Kevin samuels net worth
Kevin samuels net worth

Kevin Samuels net worth: Kevin Samuels is a popular lifestyle coach from Atlanta, Georgia, and an Image consultant. Kevin Samuel gives his life service to top people looking for tips on trends in fashion and lifestyle. Kevin Samuels is forecast to have a total wealth of $1,1 million from 2021.

People from the United States call him Kevin Samuels, and he is a YouTuber who has more than 1.26 million followers. His net worth has risen over time because of his professional success, which has made him more money. As a result, the motivational speaker helps other people and groups get back on track.

Well-known YouTube stars

He has become one of the most well-known YouTube stars, even though he is 56 years old. The social media star has a partner who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, which is in the state of Georgia. Samuels started working for a living in 2016, and he has quickly become a YouTube star because he is so good.
In the media, it is said that he comes from a bad house. During his birth, he didn’t have a mother or father. His interviewer knew that he was more close to his mother than to his father. Even though he was born in Atlanta, he moved to Oklahoma after he and his wife split up. He was born in the state of Oklahoma, and he lived there for a while.

In high school, he went to Millwood High School, which is where he began. Later, he got his bachelor’s degree from the well-known University of Oklahoma. A bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering was what he got from Purdue University, and it was in that field. Even though he had a scientific education, he decided to work in the media.

In the chemical industry, he worked as a manager and a consultant after he finished his studies, and now he works there. He also helped with advertising because he was able to get new customers for the company’s products and services. Office Depot has hired him as a business development manager for the last three and a half years, and he works there now.

Kevin Samuels’s net worth is not clear. 2021

Kevin Samuels is expected to have a net worth of between $2 and $3 million by the year 2021. Among the cars Samuels owns are Bently and Rolls Royce.

When he lives in Los Angeles, he has an office in a huge building on the site.

When the YouTuber worked as a cooperator, he used to make money from that job. He worked as a business manager at Office Depot when he was younger. It was a good thing that he worked for the company for three and half years.

His popularity has led to him making money through YouTube, company endorsements, and social media platforms. His first job was with Supermedia in 2009. He worked as an internet sales agent and sold advertising for the company.

A year after he left the company, he began working for The Red Yellow Page, which is a marketing and advertising company After three years at his job, he decided to leave and follow his dream of becoming a YouTube star.

Kevin samuels net worth
Kevin samuels net worth

Followers on YouTube

In the last few years, Samuels has gained more than 1.25 million followers on YouTube. On his YouTube channel, he talks about things like fashion sense, scent, companies, social issues, and the news.

His fans also loved the 56-year-old YouTuber because of how stylish he looked. In addition to YouTube, the YouTuber is working on his or her own personal development and getting ready. He works with businesses and brands to help them figure out who they are and what they stand for.

As well as having a YouTube channel, Kevin Samuels is also a very old person.

Kevin Samuels was born on March 13, 1965. In 2021, he will be 56 years old. There, he was born and now lives with his family. As of today, Kevin’s YouTube channel has more than 1 million followers. Since its launch in 2016, Kevin’s channel has grown a lot.

He is an Image Consultant, Lifestyle Coach, Influencer, and Dating Expert, to name a few of the jobs he works in. At the University of Oklahoma, Samuels Samuels has earned his degree in chemical engineering.

Kevin’s YouTube channel has been viewed more than 22 billion times so far. One million people are following his verified Instagram account, he says. When he has a social media account, Royce Da Joyner Lucas and other well-known rappers are following him.

Shaquille O’Neal, a four-time NBA champion, also congratulated him. Kevin Samuels’s career came to an end with one of his best-known performances.

Her name is Brittany Renner, and Kevin Samuels is her boyfriend.

sources on the internet say that Kevin Samuels and Brittany Renner are dating. People saw the dating coach and one of his clients having sex at the same time. As for the rumors, neither one of them has agreed or disagreed with them.

Kevin samuels net worth
Kevin samuels net worth

Instagram model

There’s been a lot of bad press about Renner, an Instagram model, ever since she started having an affair with PJ Washington, who was 23 at the time. It turns out that the former couple, who are well-known for having a seven-year age difference, have a son together.

Renner is said to have groomed the athlete while he was still in high school, but the athlete denies the claims. She made a surprise appearance in Kevin’s video, which was recently shown. Once again, the model came up in the news because of this.

Kevin, on the other hand, has been married twice in the past, both of which ended in a legally-binding split.

When he worked for Supermedia from 2009 to 2011, which is a media group, he did that work. Besides killing their online sales agent, he also made the brand look better through advertising. Even though The Real Yellow Pages is also a marketing company, he also worked there in 2013.

Kevin samuels net worth
Kevin samuels net worth

His ability to get a lot of people to listen made him a valuable member of the group. A year ago, he started his YouTube account on the 20th of May. However, his real journey with the site started that year. Kevin has a lot of motivational videos, fashion tutorials, and life lessons on his YouTube channels. These videos have helped him become a YouTube star and gain a lot of followers.

It was called “Living and Style by Kevin Samuels.” There, he taught classes about social issues, life, clothing, and fashion trends. In addition, he has started to offer online media programs to people who can’t come to his showroom in person for some reason. He also gives advice to a lot of businesses and brands in order to help them grow and become more valuable.

Parents’ names

Kevin Samuels didn’t tell anyone about his parents’ names or where they lived. When he was a child, his parents split up and got divorced. The only thing we know for sure is that he was the only child of his parents. There is no information about his siblings.

Kevin Samuels is thought of as a “love guru” because of his relationship advice. However, his personal life seems to be in direct opposition to his statements, as he has had two unsuccessful marriages in the past. He didn’t say anything about his ex-wives or how they were together. According to some media, he has a lot of girlfriends and can’t figure out how many. She was born on the 29th of June, 2000, and was his only child.

Recently on Youtube, he has become very famous for information on education and fashion for both women and men.

Also known to go for great shopping, it can pull in $1,000 a trip for rich guests who hire it to spice up their wardrobe. His new website has recently been launched by Samuels.

He is also known to go shopping for affluent customers who rent him to spice their dressing room, which can raise up to $1,000 each time. His new website was introduced recently by Samuels, where you can arrange a consultation on a virtual picture and book a meeting for your expertise.

The tutor in lifestyle did not share information on his companion. He usually focuses his recordings on architecture and way of life. Shockingly, on his records on Youtube, Kevin Samuels never talks about individual things.

According to FameRanker. His online presence is a major part of this overall assets.

Kevin samuels net worth
Kevin samuels net worth