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kerbal space program memes

kerbal space program memes Kerbal Space Program has been around for a while and has built up a sizeable community over the years. A key part of that community are the memes that have been created around the game. Some of these memes are funny, some are clever, and some are just plain weird. But all of them help to create a unique community that loves spending time talking about, and playing, Kerbal Space Program.

There are a few different types of Kerbal Space Program memes. The most popular ones feature the little green men from the game, often making jokes about their poor understanding of basic physics and engineering. There are also memes that make fun of the game’s more complex mechanics, or that celebrate the player’s successes (or failures) in reaching their goals.

What is the Kraken in KSP?

The Deep Space Kraken was a famous bug in Kerbal Space Program that was removed with version 017. The bug could be triggered by moving at high velocities in the game. The cause was that KSP prior to 017 would move the ship in space, instead of moving space around the ship.

Gilly is a tiny asteroid, measuring just 3 kilometers in diameter. It is the only natural satellite of Eve, and the smallest celestial body in the Kerbol system. Gilly was discovered in 2003 by the Keck Observatory in Hawaii.

How big is Kerbol

Kerbol is the largest planet in the Kerbol system, and its diameter is about twice that of Jool. It has an equatorial radius of 261,600 km and a surface area of 859,974,040,000,000,000 km2, making it the second-largest known planet by surface area. It has a mass of 2.3×1025 kg, making it by far the most massive known planet. It is also the densest known planet, with a mean density of 5.5 g/cm3. Kerbol has an equatorial circumference of 1,643,681,276 km.

HCB-11 Moho is the hardest.
This is the hardest of the Moho class of asteroids and is one of the most challenging targets for astronomers. It is very dark, with a very low albedo, and is very hard to spot. But once found, it is a fascinating object to study.

Is KSP used by NASA?

KSP is a great tool for experimentation because it is much more forgiving than the real world. This allows NASA employees to try out new ideas and techniques without having to worry about the consequences if something goes wrong.

Asteroid redirect missions are a new type of mission implemented into the game Kerbal Space Program (KSP) by NASA. In these missions, players use NASA-based technologies to perform their own asteroid redirect mission. This is a great way for players to learn about the real-life application of these technologies, and it also allows them to have some fun while doing so!

Is kerbin a real planet?

Kerbin is the third planet in orbit around the star Kerbol. It is the third largest celestial body that orbits Kerbol, following Jool and Eve. Kerbin has two moons, Mun and Minmus.
Kerbin is often used as an analog for Earth in games and simulations because it is a similar size and has similar gravity. However, Kerbin has two moons instead of one and a different overall composition.
Delta-V requirements for Kerbin are as follows:
Kerbol escape ~2740 m/s
Orbital transfer to Mun ~60 m/s
Mun escape ~200 m/s
Orbital transfer to Minmus ~40 m/s
Minmus escape ~100 m/s
as of 2/6/2023

The Kelios Arm is one of the arms of the Kermes Galaxy. It is the arm that Kerbol and Kerbin are located in. It consists of all the near star systems and is likely to be the first arm to be fully explored. The Kermes Galaxy is a spiral galaxy and is one of the closest galaxies to the Milky Way. It is about 10 million light years away from the Milky Way. The Kermes Galaxy is believed to have a black hole at its center.

Is kerbin bigger than Earth

This means that on Kerbin, you will experience a much stronger force of gravity than you are used to on Earth. In order to safely land on Kerbin, you will need to take this into account andthrottle your spacecraft accordingly.

There is no need to worry if you are forever under the vanilla game. You will still have plenty of time to send a rescue mission. Even if you are using life support and tac, or any mod with life support that supports eva, the time tac requires will be shortened. Specifically, you will need supplies like food, water, and oxygen. However, if you have usi, you will have access to habitation space and home time, which will make things much easier.

How long is a year in kerbal?

The Kerbin calendar is made up of 6 hour days, 386 hour months, and 25565 hour years. This makes it a bit more complicated than our own calendar, but that’s just because Kerbin is in a different orbit around its sun.

The Kerbal Space Academy is a great place to learn about space exploration and interact with some of the most knowledgeable people in the field. The Academy provides a family-friendly environment where viewers of all ages can learn about historical and contemporary space missions, current and future space exploration technologies, and even speak with astronauts, rocket scientists, and other special guests. No matter your level of interest or expertise in space, the Kerbal Space Academy is sure to have something for you!

What does Elon Musk think of KSP

SpaceX is one of the leaders in private space exploration, and their ultimate goal is to make human life multiplanetary by establishing a colony on Mars. In order to achieve this, they need to perfect their spacecraft and landing methods. This is where Kerbal Space Program comes in.
Kerbal Space Program is a game that allows people to design and fly spacecraft around a virtual solar system. It is incredibly realistic, and the developers have a lot of experience with designing successful spacecraft. Thus, Elon Musk has asked them for help in perfecting SpaceX’s methods.
This is an interesting partnership, and it will be interesting to see what ideas the Kerbal Space Program developers come up with. Hopefully they will be able to help SpaceX achieve their goals and make human life multiplanetary!

Venus is the most dangerous planet in the solar system due to its surface temperature of 393°C. This is hot enough to melt lead, making it uninhabitable for most forms of life.

What is the most unlivable planet?

Assuming we could somehow get to Pluto, the conditions there would be incredibly hostile to human life. The average temperature on Pluto is a frigid -375 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has a thin atmosphere that is mostly nitrogen and methane. There is no liquid water on the surface, and it is thought that the interior of Pluto may be a giant ocean of water ice. Not exactly the kind of place you would want to build a beach house!

Kerbals are small, marsupial-like creatures that live on the planet Kerbin. They are the main protagonists of the Kerbal Space Program franchise. Kerbals are similar to humans in many ways, but they display no variance in height or weight. They all stand roughly 0.75 meters tall (2’5½”) and have a mass of 450 kilograms (992 lbs).

As of 1.1.1, a Kerbal in an EVA suit, without a jetpack or parachute, has a mass of 94 kg. This includes the mass of the Kerbal’s parachute and jetpack.

Do asteroids run out of ore KSP

Asteroids are interesting because they contain a finite amount of ore. This means that if you were to mine an asteroid, the mass of the asteroid would be reduced by the amount of ore extracted. This is an interesting concept because it means that there is no need to use scanners to find out the ore concentration for asteroids. All you need to do is be close to the asteroid or on it.

Jeb is right – once you’re in Kerbol’s SOI, you’re there forever. There’s no escaping! So just relax and enjoy the ride.


1. A meme featuring Kerbal, the lovable green space oddity from Kerbal Space Program, often with humorous text superimposed.
2. A way to tell if someone is a true fan of Kerbal Space Program – they can tell you what a “Kerbal” is without hesitation.

3. The challenge of trying to explain the complicated mechanics of Kerbal Space Program to non- gamers, using nothing but memes.
4. The inevitable result of exposure to too much Kerbal Space Program – starting to see Kerbals everywhere, in everyday situations.
5. A reminder that, despite the occasional frustration, Kerbal Space Program is an incredibly fun game that’s well worth your time.

While Kerbal Space Program memes may be popular among some people, they are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people find them funny, while others find them juvenile or simply not funny. Either way, it’s clear that Kerbal Space Program memes are not going away anytime soon.