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Kerasal review

Kerasal review: Kerasal may be a nail restorer which will drastically improve the nail’s appearance, normalize its thickness, hydrate it and reduce discoloration. this is often a fragrance-free solution, and it doesn’t have any preservatives either. Kerasal was clinically tested and, during a recent study, it had been discovered that the majority of users started seeing results after two days of use, while 90% of all tested people saw a substantial improvement after eight weeks of use.

Kerasal review
Kerasal review

Even after eight weeks have passed, the study showed that folks saw continuous improvements with longer usage. the complete effect is often achieved (depending on the severity of your own condition) in three to 6 months, meaning that the nail looks and feels nearly as good as new.

Ingredient List

Unlike many other nail treatments, Kerasal features a short ingredient list that mixes just a couple of essential ingredients that employment together to revive the damaged nails. Let’s see what the ingredients are and the way they will help.

  • Urea
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Glycerin
  • Lactic Acid
  • Water
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Disodium EDTA

Does Kerasal work?

The short answer is yes. many of us have tried it by now and lots of them were satisfied with the results. Kerasal works in the sense that it does what it claims to try to. Overall, the bulk of users understood what this product was and that they were ready to achieve good results, meaning that their nails got thinner, and whiter, and basically returned to a healthy state.

Kerasal review
Kerasal review

However, another thing that you simply should confine to mind is that this product, if used alone, will work only in the short term. this suggests that if you stop using it (even after months of treatment), your nail slowly goes back to its previous infected state because the nail fungus remains there.

How to use Kerasal Nail Treatment

During the primary week, you would like to use a skinny layer of the merchandise twice each day (in the morning and at night). it’s crucial to use the merchandise on the nail, also under the free edge for the simplest results. you’ll use this both for fingernails and toenails. After one week has passed, you’ll only get to apply it once each day for eight weeks total. Do not use any quiet polish while treating the affected nail because it can prevent the product’s absorption and it limits the specified effects.


It is an excellent short-term solution when it involves improving the nail’s appearance
It is easy to use thanks to the silicone applicator
It is odorless and colorless

Kerasal review
Kerasal review

It has no preservatives or fragrances, which suggests it’s gentle together with your skin and nails
It has few ingredients and they are derived from natural sources, so there are not any side effects.
It dries quickly, you don’t get to await an extended time to be ready to set about your day.

The price point is great, it’s affordable
You can use it in conjunction with the other fungus treatments
You can start to ascertain results immediately. The nail’s condition improves from the primary week of use.


It is not an anti-fungal treatment
It is not bound to work as advertised because it depends on the severity of your mycosis, the state of your nail, and your diligence and willingness to remain on target when it involves the instructions.
It doesn’t do anything quite slowly dissolving the nail so it can improve its appearance

Final thoughts on Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal

Although this is often not an upscale product or directly marketed as an anti-fungal treatment, people tend to urge confused. “Fungal Nails Renewal” is not very clear because it’s known, so many of you pip in the hope to treat your toenail or fingernail fungus. It does not really explain what it does. That being said, we hope that we explained everything thoroughly, and you bought a thought about what this product is.

Kerasal review
Kerasal review

Even though Kerasal can help with the looks, your primary problem remains the fungus infection. If you don’t want your infection to urge worse and eventually ruin your nail, you’ve got to start out treating it with proper antifungal medication. On the opposite hand, most over-the-counter antifungal treatments already contain ingredients that help to scale back the yellowness of the infected nail, also because of the structure. the sole thing that’s slightly different in terms of the nail’s appearance is that Kerasal can work faster, so you’ll start seeing some leads to the first stages of usage.