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is lucy leaving ncis hawaii

is lucy leaving ncis hawaii. On the most recent episode of NCIS: Hawaii, Lucy Tara was faced with a difficult choice. After breaking up with Kate, she’d applied for a new job. Afloat NCIS agent duty would require four months of separation for the couple.

is lucy leaving ncis hawaii
is lucy leaving ncis hawaii

They talked it over and decided that since Lucy had already gotten the job, she should take it. Fans would naturally worry that this meant the end of Lucy if they heard news like this.

Here’s where things stand with these characters in the future.

Do we say goodbye to Yasmine Al-Bustami on NCIS: Hawaii?

Just Jared reports that Lucy Tara’s acceptance of this position will not force her fans to say goodbye to her. On Monday, January 2, the NCIS flagship series will begin its crossover event with NCIS: Hawaii and NCIS: Los Angeles.

According to IMDb, Yasmine Al-Bustami has been cast in the episode Deep Fake, in which the units must rescue kidnapped team members and deal with an asset with ties to multiple international assassinations.

Desperate Measures, the season finale, will air on CBS on Monday, December 5 at 10 p.m. ET, and she is also listed as a regular cast member for that episode.

We’ll keep you posted if Al-time Bustami’s on the show is coming to an end, but in the meantime, Lucy Tara will be spending the next four months away from her team and her girlfriend, Kate, at the job she applied for, got, and is sure to excel at.

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NCIS: Los Angeles has seen a lot of growth from Special Agent Kensi Blye. She’d been a free spirit, a woman who took care of herself with a swaggering air of self-reliance and a chip on her shoulder.

Nonetheless, she has grown to love her teammates, has fallen in love with Deeks, and is finally finding her footing as a foster mother to the Guatemalan orphan she rescued, Rosa. Having to figure out how to be a parent without a manual or role model has been challenging, especially considering that her father is no longer alive and her mother is absent from her life.

Kensi has jumped into her new role with the intention of doing her best and becoming what Rosa needs, despite the fact that she may make mistakes along the way. Some viewers are worried about Kensi’s position on the team, despite the fact that this storyline is just getting started and is far from over.

is lucy leaving ncis hawaii
is lucy leaving ncis hawaii