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Insignia ns-50df711se21 review

Insignia ns-50df711se21 review: The Insignia Fire TV may be a decent 4k TV with honest picture quality. it’s a high native contrast ratio and produces deep blacks, but unfortunately, they’re not very uniform and therefore the lack of local dimming cannot help improve the looks of dark scenes. The image degrades rapidly when viewed from the side so it’s not an honest choice for an outsized room with a good seating arrangement.

insignia ns-50df711se21 review
Insignia ns-50df711se21 review

The TV supports HDR, but it can’t deliver the creator’s intent. This Insignia TV integrates alright with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. The Insignia Fire TV Edition may be a decent choice for mixed usage. the image quality is okay. it’s a high native contrast ratio, but dark room performance is hurt by the mediocre black uniformity. The TV has bad viewing angles so you ought to sit directly ahead to urge the simplest possible picture. Reflection handling is okay when the space isn’t too bright and eventually, the TV’s input lag is sweet for a few casual gaming.


  • Display Type: LED
  • Resolution: 4K (2160p)
  • Screen Size: 49.5 inches
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR): Yes
  • Backlight Type: Direct
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Specific Manufacturer Technologies: Fire TV Experience built-in, Voice Remote with Alexa
  • Smart Platform: Fire TV
  • Streaming Services: Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO GO, HBO NOW, Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, Sling TV, YouTube
  • Number of HDMI Inputs: 3
  • Works With: Amazon Alexa
  • Voice Assistant Built-in: Amazon Alexa
insignia ns-50df711se21 review
insignia ns-50df711se21 review

The design of the Insignia Fire TV Edition is decent. it’s made from plastic and metal but it doesn’t have a premium look. The stand supports the TV well but there’ll be some wobbling if you mistakenly nudge it. There are not any issues with the build quality and although the rock bottom edge can get warm, you’ll haven’t any problem with it.


Insignia Fire TV Edition 4k Stand Picture: The stand of the Insignia Fire TV Edition is plastic. It provides good support to the TV, although it won’t prevent a small back-and-forth wobble if the TV is pushed gently. At an equivalent time, it doesn’t leave an enormous space between the table and therefore the lower fringe of the TV. This could be a problem if you would like to put a soundbar ahead of the TV.

insignia ns-50df711se21 review
insignia ns-50df711se21 review

Footprint of the 55″ model: 43.0″ x 10.4″

Max Thickness 3.27″ (8.3 cm)
The Insignia Fire TV looks thick from the side. It’s just a touch thinner than the Toshiba Fire TV Edition 2018.

6.5 Build Quality

Insignia Fire TV Edition 4k Build a quality picture. The built quality is decent. The TV may be a mixture of plastic and metal and doesn’t look premium. However, there are not any gaps or loose ends and you ought to haven’t any issues with it.

insignia ns-50df711se21 review
insignia ns-50df711se21 review