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hydroviv reviews

hydroviv reviews. The days of Americans drinking water straight from the tap without worrying about its quality or finding that it tastes bad are long gone.

hydroviv reviews
hydroviv reviews

Today, a water filter is standard equipment in many homes rather than a luxury. The risks of getting sick or getting skin damage are too great.

In this Hydroviv water filter review, we’ll take a look at one company’s effort to improve the nation’s subpar drinking water supply by analyzing how its under-sink filter works and how it stacks up against similar products on the market.

Water filter company Hydroviv was founded by Eric Roy.

Knowing the risks of using unsafe drinking water, Eric Roy, a chemistry professional, decided to do something about it. It was his intention to create a household water filter of superior quality.

The challenge he faced, however, was that municipal water supplies vary greatly in chemical composition and flavor from city to city.

Eric needed to figure out how to get around this problem before taking his product to Shark Tank (an ABC business reality show).

He realized this, and so he made it possible for Hydroviv water filtration systems to be fine-tuned to the specific chemical makeup of each region’s water supply.

He took his product to market online, saw immediate success, and then went to Shark Tank to get some advice on how to expand his business.

The panel of investors on “Shark Tank,” or “Sharks” as they are commonly referred to, were very impressed by the Hydroviv water filter.

As is customary on Shark Tank, however, at least one investor had doubts about the product’s viability in the marketplace. In this case, Lori Greiner voiced these reservations.

While many would have given up, Eric Roy is one of the many successful business owners to receive an offer after appearing on Shark Tank. That was when he got his $400,000 for his 20% stake in Hydroviv, and the rest is history.

hydroviv reviews
hydroviv reviews