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how to unpair watch from old phone

If you no longer wish to use the iPhone with which your Apple Watch is paired, you can easily detach it by following the on-screen prompts. This will delete everything from your Apple Watch, including the Activation Lock, but it will also remove the lock. Even if you delete your Apple Watch and don’t have the paired iPhone, Activation Lock will prevent you from using it again.

Before you unpair your Apple Watch, make sure you’ve removed any transit cards you may have added through the Wallet app.

The holes in your Apple Watch case are there to allow sound to travel to and from the microphone and speakers, as well as to allow water-depth measurement on Apple Watch Ultra. Do not risk breaking your Apple Watch by putting anything into the case’s openings.

If you have your iPhone, here’s how to delete all data from your Apple Watch.

First, keep your iPhone and Apple Watch close together as you disconnect them from each other.

To begin, launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Follow step three: tap All Watches under the “My Watch” menu.

4. Select the watch you wish to unpair and then tap the details button.

5. Select Apple Watch – Unpair from iPhone.

Click [your Apple Watch name] > Unpair, and then tap Unpair.

7 Determine if you want to keep your cellular plan or cancel it for GPS + Cellular models.

Keep your service if you ever want to re-establish the connection between your Apple Watch and iPhone.

Get rid of your plan if you never want to pair your Apple Watch and iPhone again. Cancelling your cellular plan may be necessary if you do not intend to use the same watch or iPhone in the future.

To turn off Activation Lock and reconnect your device, go to Step 8 and enter your Apple ID password.

Your iPhone will make a fresh backup of your Apple Watch before wiping it clean of all data and configurations. An Apple Watch can be restored from a backup. The Start Pairing prompt will appear on your Apple Watch after it has been unpaired.

If you’re selling or giving away your Apple Watch, you can now reset it to factory settings.