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how to retrieve deleted imessages

how to retrieve deleted imessages. Recover Deleted Messages on Your iPhone or iPad

how to retrieve deleted imessages
how to retrieve deleted imessages

Recovery of deleted Messages conversations and messages is possible in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.1 and later.

Put one message in the trash

(1) While having a conversation, touch and hold the message bubble to bring up a menu of available actions.

2. Select the “More” button.

Step 3: Select the message you wish to delete, tap the trash can icon, and then select Delete Message.

Simply navigate to your device’s settings, select messages, and then tap the Keep Messages option to permanently archive your messages for a specified period of time. Then, decide how long you’d like your messages to be saved.

Deleted messages will be removed from your own Messages thread but will remain in the threads of your contacts. Undo send allows you to retract a message from all threads after it has already been sent.

If you use iCloud Messages and delete a message, photo, or conversation from one device, it will be deleted everywhere you use iCloud Messages.

Put an end to a chat

You can access a menu of customization options by touching and holding a conversation.

2. Select the Delete option.

Third, tap Delete again to confirm.

If the conversation is not pinned, you can delete it by swiping left over it, selecting “Delete,” and then selecting “Delete” once more to confirm.

Access the Edit button in the top left corner of Messages to delete multiple conversations at once. Select Messages, then tap the conversation circles, and finally tap Delete in the lower right.

Get back a lost chat or message

To begin editing a message, go to the Messages menu and select Edit.

Step 2: Select the option to View Recently Cleaned.

Next, select the threads containing the messages you wish to retrieve, and then hit the Recover button.

4. Select the Message or Messages to Recover option.

To retrieve lost text messages and chats, you’ll need iOS 16 or iPadOS 16.1. Messages and conversations older than 30 to 40 days cannot be recovered.

how to retrieve deleted imessages
how to retrieve deleted imessages