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how to resell tickets on ticketmaster

how to resell tickets on ticketmaster. You’ve got your tickets and everything set up for the big event, but now you find out you have to cancel. So, how do you spend your time? The Ticketmaster platform is available for ticket sales. And now, thanks to Ticketmaster’s expedited process, you can easily sell your tickets even if you can’t attend the event in person. It’s possible that Ticketmaster already has a buyer lined up for your extra tickets.

how to resell tickets on ticketmaster
how to resell tickets on ticketmaster

How to check if today is a good day to sell tickets on Ticketmaster is detailed below.

Is there a way for me to find out if there is a buyer for my tickets right now?

To check if a better deal is awaiting your tickets, try these steps:

First, access your event information by logging into your Ticketmaster account.

Next, choose your seats by clicking the Sell button, and then click Continue.

Third, a buyer is standing by if you see the Sell Instantly button when you go to sell your tickets. What you see is what you’ll get paid.

The fourth step is to select your desired method of payment and go over the offer specifics by clicking View Offer.

Follow the link that says “Accept Offer” and you’ll be all set.

When buying tickets, how do I find out if they can be resold on Ticketmaster?

Click the Sell button on the event details page to see if your tickets can be resold. You will be able to sell your tickets on the secondary market if that option is made available. If the Event Organizer has not enabled resale, you will see a message explaining why you cannot resell your tickets through Ticketmaster. Please note that the Event Organizers reserve the right to disable or enable resale options at any time and that not all events or tickets will be made available for resale. Ticketmaster also does not currently offer the option to resell tickets for third-party events (events where Ticketmaster is not the primary ticketer) on our site.

Regarding my ticket purchase: How long will this discount be available?

It depends on the event if you’ll be able to sell your tickets right away. Depending on the level of interest, instant-buy ticket sales may last for a few days or a few weeks. If you’re looking to sell your tickets quickly and find a buyer, you should definitely take them up on their offer. There is no promise that another offer will be made in time for your event if you choose not to accept the one you have been given.

If I sell my tickets right now, when can I expect payment?

Tickets sold today will be paid for using the method you specify if you accept the offer. With up-to-date account information, including your tax information, you should receive your payout within five to seven business days after selling your tickets. Find out when and how you will be paid for selling tickets.

how to resell tickets on ticketmaster
how to resell tickets on ticketmaster