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how to make a draft excluder

how to make a draft excluder. My feet have warmed up a bit by sitting on a hot water bottle, but I am still very chilly right now.

how to make a draft excluder
how to make a draft excluder

Picturesque as freezing weather may be, it can be anything but if your home isn’t properly insulated.

My new house has about as much insulation as a beach hut, I learned last weekend. There is a draft wherever I go. Since this is a rented apartment and I need the landlord’s approval before making any changes to the fixtures, I broke out the sewing machine to create some draught excluders.

I made them for next to nothing out of the remnants of some curtains I repurposed, and they’ve already paid for themselves by letting me turn down the thermostat. Now, at least financially, I’m better off (and doing my bit for the environment).

A simple draught excluder can be made in a few minutes, and if you use a fun fabric, it won’t look boring either. You could also make a cool vintage ECOutletsnake out of it.

First, make sure your material is at least 4 centimeters longer than the width of your door.

Two, press the fabric.

Third, fold it in half lengthwise with the pattern facing in and pin it.

Lastly, stitch along the top of the rectangle, as close to the point where the two edges meet, as you can get. If you do not want to sew, you can use SewFree and an iron instead; just follow the package’s instructions.

Fifth, reverse the fabric so that the more attractive side is outward, and a long cylinder is formed with openings at both ends. One end needs to be stitched together; I used a row of stitches about 3 cm in length to do this. Folding the fabric in half allows you to stitch it together.

6: Remove one of the tights’ legs, then stuff it with whatever you like. Make a knot in the end when it’s full and slightly smaller than your draft excluder.

Then, stitch the open end of the draught excluder to the stuffed tight.

A snake draught excluder can be made with just two buttons for eyes and a piece of red ribbon (with a V-shaped piece cut out of one end) for a forked tongue (but these embellishments are optional).

how to make a draft excluder
how to make a draft excluder