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how to gameshare on ps4

how to gameshare on ps4. Even though you’re hoping for a PS5 for Christmas, you’re still playing PlayStation 4. With the PS4’s Share Play function, you and your friends or family members who also own a PS4 can play games together or access your game library. (With Share Play, you can also enjoy your PS5 friend’s library on your PS4)

how to gameshare on ps4
how to gameshare on ps4

In order to play the same digital copy of a game with a friend, you can use the Share Play feature in two different ways. Please note that both of you will need a PlayStation Plus membership to use the Share Play feature.

In the same way that lending someone a physical disk accomplishes the same goal, gameshare, an option that has been around for some time, can be used in the same way. It’s like lending someone your game digitally, except you can’t both play at once. (And no, trading PS4 games isn’t against the law.) Having a PlayStation Plus membership is required for both players. Following is a breakdown of how:

First, borrow a friend’s PS4 and log into your PlayStation account there.

Two, go to where you can adjust your preferences.

Step 3: Decide on Account Management.

Four, designate this PS4 as your primary system by selecting Activate as Your Primary System and confirming your selection. Deactivating your own PS4 console might be necessary, but don’t worry because you can always turn it back on.

Now, the second player can access the first player’s PS4 hard drive and download all of the games from the first player’s library.

Tips for Multiplayer Game Play on the PS4

If you want to play with a friend, you can do so with the Share Play feature.

To begin a party with a friend, go to the Invite Players screen, search for them, and add them if they come up in the results. To send an invitation, just follow the on-screen prompts.

Two, start playing by launching your game of choice.

Third, activate the DualShock 4’s sharing function.

The fourth step is to select Share Play on the TV.

The fifth step is to choose the friend you want to invite to your game from the list. The 60-minute session will begin as soon as they accept your invitation and link their gaming system to yours. If you need to continue working after your session ends, simply start a new one.

how to gameshare on ps4
how to gameshare on ps4