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how to claim powerball winnings

Winners of prizes valued at $50,000 or more will need to fill out additional paperwork before they can collect their prizes. They also get to decide whether they want to get their money all at once or in installments. If you are the lucky winner of one of these prizes, please sign the back of your ticket to ensure that no one else can claim it.

If you match the Powerball numbers drawn that night, you win a cash prize. The vast majority of prizes are under $100 and can be claimed without much hassle, but for larger prizes, state lottery organizations offer a variety of options.

Cash awards under $100

It’s as simple as visiting any lottery store or office that sells the game. If you prefer to claim your prize by mail, you can do so by sending your ticket to the appropriate address in the state where you bought the ticket.

Awards of $50,000 or more

Winners of these prizes must submit a claim form for the lottery that is specific to their state. The provision of proper identification is also required. Contact your state’s department for more information. You should verify the acceptable claim forms with the state lottery you intend to use.

The original winning ticket must be submitted; copies will not be accepted. Drop boxes can be found in states like New York and Florida.

Some states necessitate a personal appearance before a lottery official and a notary public in order to claim a jackpot or prize requiring annuity payments.