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how to change time on timex ironman watch

On the right side of the watch’s face, at the bottom, is the Recall/Set button. You may make the seconds indicator on the screen flicker by pressing this button. Next, you’ll need to hit the Lap/Reset button, which is the rightmost button under the watch’s display. The seconds counter will be cleared to 00:00 as a result.

Then, to change the watch’s time format from hours to minutes, press the Mode button on the left side of the dial. Clicking this button causes the display’s hour indicator to flash rapidly. Using the Lap/Reset button, you can change the time displayed in the hours unit to the time you want. When you press this button once, the clock will advance by one hour. So, click the button as many times as necessary.

To switch back to the minutes display, simply push the Mode button once more. In order to set the minutes, press the Lap/Reset button when the unit begins flashing. When you’re done customizing your watch, select the Recall/Set button to permanently store your new time settings and exit the setup menu.

Depending on the model, you can adjust the Timex to reflect the time in two or three locations across the globe. When you access the Time Zone option, you’ll be placed in Time Zone 1. Select the second or third time zone by using the + button. To go back, hit the minus key.