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how to apply for utr number

how to apply for utr number. In order to file your yearly Self Assessment tax return, you will need to apply for a UTR number as part of the process of becoming self-employed.

how to apply for utr number
how to apply for utr number

A UTR number, though, what is that? It stands for unique taxpayer reference and is commonly known simply as a taxpayer number.

What is the HMRC UTR number?

A unique identifier (UTR) is a string of numbers that is assigned to you. HMRC employs unique taxpayer references to keep track of your tax affairs, identifying all the moving pieces.

You’ll need it when filing your tax return, of course, but also in the following cases: if you’re employed through the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS); if you’re working with an accountant or financial advisor; if you need to get in touch with HMRC; if you’re a self-employed individual claiming tax relief or benefits; and if you’re self-employed.

The UTR number can either identify an individual taxpayer or an individual business. As an example, a UTR number will be issued in the name of a sole proprietor (even if they have multiple businesses, a single UTR number can cover all of their tax affairs).

The participants in a business partnership, however, will each be assigned their own unique tax identification number (UTR).

What does a UTR number look like?

In some cases, the final letter “K” at the end of your 10-digit taxpayer identification number indicates that it is unique to you. A simple taxpayer reference looks like this, with a gap after the fifth digit:

12345 67890

I need a UTR number, but I don’t know where to start the application process.

Because UTRs are automatically assigned when an individual registers for self-employment, there is no need to submit a separate application for one. To do so, log into your company’s dedicated tax filing portal (you can set this up using a Government Gateway ID and password).

The 5th of October after the close of the tax year in which you became self-employed is the registration date for new business owners. In some cases, a fine may be imposed for late registration.

Similarly to the UTRs of individuals, corporations too have their own. HMRC will issue a UTR to your company or business partnership when it is formed. You’ll find this number in any correspondence with HMRC; it may go by a few different names, but it’ll always be referred to as a tax reference or a unique tax reference.

A unique tax reference number can take up to 10 business days to arrive in the mail, according to HMRC (21 if youre abroad).

how to apply for utr number
how to apply for utr number