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how old is ezran in the dragon prince season 1

how old is ezran in the dragon prince season 1. The conclusion of The Dragon Prince season 3 in 2019 left viewers with many unanswered questions, not only about the future of their favourite characters, but also about the subtleties of Xadia and its magic.

how old is ezran in the dragon prince season 1

There’s no better time than now to reflect on the story told so far, and threads currently left hanging, given that the team behind the show recently released an end-of-year update (via The Dragon Prince’s website) giving progress reports not only on the status of the show’s production but also on the status of books and games within the franchise.

Although King Harrow was thought to have been killed by the Moonshadow Elves, his fate has remained a mystery for many viewers since season 1.

There is a persistent theory that, out of sight, Harrow underwent the transfer, but with his trusted songbird Pip rather than a soldier, leaving him alive and inhabiting Pip’s body. This is based on the apparent closeness of Harrow and Pip and Viren’s suggestion on the eve of the assassination that the King uses dark magic to switch his soul with a willing volunteer.

Zym, the Dragon Prince, and Zubeia, his mother, shared a touching moment at the end of Season 3 after the Queen awoke from her long slumber.

Zym has only ever known life with Ezran, Callum, Rayla, and Bait, so it will be fascinating to see how he adjusts to life among dragons. As the dragon and Ezran both adjust to life without Zym, who is more than just adorable; she is also a very likeable main character in Dragon Prince, there will be growing pains for both.

The season three finale demonstrated that Claudia’s use of dark magic, which the mage learned under her father’s tutelage, had ranged from frivolous to fate-changing.

Claudia’s hair turns significantly more white in the scene where she tells Viren that she used her magic to resurrect him, illustrating the toll that using such copious amounts of the corrupting magic has taken on her. Claudia may either continue down her current path or, like her brother Soren, realise the peril she is in due to her magic and her father in upcoming seasons.

The best episodes of The Dragon Prince’s first season revealed hidden aspects of the show’s world and its characters, such as the history of the Key of Aaravos and its transmission to King Harrow.

how old is ezran in the dragon prince season 1

Soon after, Callum obtains the Key, which is rumoured to have the ability to release a powerful force in Xadia. Each of the six Primal Sources of magic is represented by a set of runes on a face of the cube, and the runes light up when brought into contact with whatever or whoever is associated with that source. Unknowns include the Key’s purpose and the circumstances surrounding Aaravos’s ownership and subsequent loss of the item.