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how old is andre rieu

According to Andr Rieu (as revealed in an exclusive Valentine’s Day video link below), he has been married to his wife Marjorie Rieu for 40 years. She doesn’t like to be associated with Andr in public, and she even said as much in an interview.

Since listening to music is such a large part of his job, he never listens to it as a means of unwinding and would much rather go to sleep.

To what extent does Andr Rieu’s wealth extend?

Andr Rieu is worth $40 million dollars right now. However, he has previously admitted that he went bankrupt as a result of the 24 million fairy tale castle he designed for his 2008 concert in Schnbrunn, Vienna.

Andr Rieu will kick off a massive tour of the United Kingdom and Ireland on December 6 in Belfast. You can buy tickets from his website.

To raise awareness about climate change, he wants to hold a concert at the North Pole. He is eager to share the wonder of the waltz with the local polar bears, despite the fact that he will make no money from the concert. I think polar bears will dance to the Danube, he gushed, “because I love bears.”