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how much do xfl players make

Salary Structure of the XFL in 2023

Initial reports indicate that the XFL will bring 66 players to training camp. But before the regular season can begin, they’ll need to trim their rosters down to 50 players. Players in the XFL who are only required to attend training camp will be compensated on a weekly basis. If they make the team, however, they will be paid at a higher level.

The five-week XFL training camp will pay each player $800 per week. Things will heat up once they’re officially added to the roster.

Players will be guaranteed at least one year of employment. The total amount of the salary offer is as follows:

Pay Per Game: $59,000 Remuneration: $5,000

Cash Prizes of $1,000

The USFL, another spring league, has a base salary of $56,000, so this one is about $5,000 higher. The XFL is providing nearly $20,000 in additional benefits to each player, in addition to higher salaries. The league provides full coverage for medical, dental, and optical expenses, as well as paying for housing and providing all team meals.

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As an additional point, the league has more financial resources this time around, so inactive players will still be paid for games. All inactive players will receive $1,500 plus the $1,000 win bonus if they return to play. When the game begins, each team will have 45 players available for the field. Which means there will always be at least five players out of commission during any given week.

The amount of money that teams can expect to receive as playoff and championship bonuses is something that has not been made public. Everyone who participated in the USFL championship game, whether they started or were on the bench, received a $10,000 bonus from the league. It is anticipated that the XFL will adopt a similar strategy.