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how many tweets has jill scott made

Those who have seen Jill Scott perform live will attest to the fact that she never fails to put on a show, and a new video shows that the Why Did I Get Married star will stop at nothing to keep an audience enthralled.

Jill Scott is seen in the 48-second clip engaging in a sexually explicit act onstage while using her microphone. Check out the tweets below to see what people are saying about the incredible Jill video.

This American singer-viral songwriter’s video even left actress Terry Pheto a little taken aback. Some of her supporters have defended her, asking, “Why are folks so shocked by Jill Scotts video?” after discovering the clip. One listener remarked, “They obviously haven’t been listening to her music.”

Jill Scott took to Twitter to address the video’s mixed reception, claiming that she tells many different stories through song and performance.

Hi. All sorts of tales are sung and acted out by me. I recommend that you tune into my shows. Many people get splendidly laid by their date or companion after a Jill Scott concert.