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how a realist hero rebuilt the kingdom season 2

Despite its simplistic plots, Isekai are enjoyable because of the protagonists’ exploration and adventures in the imaginary world they inhabit.

An other example of this type of isekai is the J.C. Staff animated adaptation of the light novel series How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom by Dojyomaru.

Kazuyya Souma, a young man in the process of preparing for a career in civil service, is encouraged by his dying grandfather to settle down with a wife and raise a family if he wants to have a meaningful existence.

Kazuya is taken to the Elfrieden Kingdom, governed by King Albert Elfrieden, after his grandfather’s funeral.

Kazuya arrived and gave an explanation for the Kingdom’s apathy and catastrophic situation, citing the Kingdom’s inability to pay off the war tributes to the Gran Chaos Empire.

To remedy the situation and prevent the Elfrieden Kingdom from falling into the hands of the Gran Chaos Empire, Kazuya is called upon.

Kazuya may have been dubious about taking the task at first, but he has a strong will and is unwilling to give up. He persuades Albert Elfrieden that the war tributes may be repaid by increasing revenue, enacting reforms, constructing a more formidable military, and bolstering the kingdom’s economy.

Albert abdicates his throne and crowns Kazuya King of Elfrieden after being impressed by his verve and realism. Kazuya and Liscia are another couple Albert suggests to Kazuya.

The show centers on whether or not the new king of Elfrieden can fix things and be the hero his country needs.

The fan community was split on the first season of How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom because many people felt that the hero rescues civilization cliche had been overused and poorly executed.

In spite of the critics, Fans of How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom were left wondering if the show will continue after its initial run.