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harris bed bug killer reviews

harris bed bug killer reviews. The powerful scentless composition of Harris Home Pest Control’s one-gallon bottle of bed bug killer is a major selling point. This product is safe for use in homes and apartments. Moreover, the trigger sprayer’s length has been increased for convenience. If there are instructions on the label, they should be followed.

harris bed bug killer reviews
harris bed bug killer reviews

Use our bed bug aerosol egg kill on beds, box springs, walls, floors, and carpets, and then follow up with diatomaceous earth bed bug powder in places like beneath electrical outlets and switches. Bed bugs are killed by the spray’s odorless, stain-free composition long after it has dried.

Completely odourless and stain-free, the water-based composition leaves no trace.

It dissolves completely, leaving no trace.

Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and permitted for resale in all fifty states

When bed bugs return to a previously treated location, the residual spray will kill them.

Suitable for use in your home’s bedrooms and other areas where bed bugs have been spotted, as determined by the Environmental Protection Agency.

This is not for use on any living thing.

0.03% Deltamethrin

Once the spray has dried, any remaining bed bugs will be killed.

Excellent Value – One Gallon Bottle Permits Ongoing, Repeated Treatments for Complete Bed Bug Elimination

Non-Staining, Odorless Formula – When used as directed, this odorless, stain-free formula will not harm your clothing’s fabric.

EPA Registered – E.P.A. No. 3-11 Indoor Residential Use Registration

Trigger Sprayer with Extra Reach: Use it to Target Hard-to-Reach Bed Bug Hiding Spots

In order to spray, you must first activate the nozzle by turning it to the “on” position and then holding it at a distance of about 12 inches from the target area.

It should be used as a spot and crack & crevice treatment around beds and storage areas, as well as in the spaces between baseboards and walls, around doors and windows, and beneath and behind appliances, cabinets, and shelves and drawers.

harris bed bug killer reviews
harris bed bug killer reviews