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hannah kae plastic surgery

He was born to South Korean parents on November 29, 2001, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It was there that she and her sister, Lydia, spent their formative years. She fell in love with the industry while still in high school and promptly made it her life’s work. Her four years of college education are nearly done at a top school in Canada.

A lot of people think that Hannah Kae has had plastic surgery because she looks so different from how she did before. She used to have a rounder, plumper face. Others speculate that she has had more work done than just a nose job and eyelid lift. View Hannah Kae’s natural appearance prior to her augmentation.

Discussions on Reddit indicate that Hannah Kae (@hannahkae27) has undergone extensive plastic surgery, including fox eye surgery, a brow lift, a nose job, the removal of buccal fat, jaw reconstruction, and BBL. There has been a drastic change in her appearance, but she has never admitted to having plastic surgery beyond the time she said she was going to get her nose reshaped.

Before she started working out, Hannah Kae’s face was much rounder and heavier. Her new, thinner, and more angular face is striking. Speculation about cosmetic procedures was inevitable. But she has suggested that the difference in her appearance is the result of her recent weight loss. She mentioned that she had previously weighed 160 pounds, but that her drastic weight loss had completely changed her appearance.

Redditors, however, are not fooled. From the comparison of her before and after photos, they have deduced that she has undergone extensive plastic surgery to alter every aspect of her appearance. They assume her slanted eyes are the result of a combination of a brow lift and fox eye surgery. Some people also believe that she has double eyelid surgery to thank for the extra lid space she now appears to have.