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halowaypoint redeem code

At the end of the line, when the fate of humanity is in the balance, Master Chief is prepared to face his most ruthless enemy. Jump into the boots of humanity’s greatest hero for a fresh start and an epic adventure, and see Halo for the first time in all its massive glory.


The new Halo Infinite Open Beta requires the use of a Friend Code in order to sign up. Many participants in the game are lost because they don’t understand this procedure. In that case, read on to find out how to enter and redeem your open beta friend code.

Where can I find the Halo Infinite Friend Code and how do I use it?

The Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta is only available through a downloadable app. The Xbox Insider Hub app will be available for free download. You do not have to be a part of the Halo Insiders program to participate in this beta. On the other hand, membership grants early access to new products in the pipeline.

Visit the aforementioned app and hit the Join button to be added to the Halo Infinite Preview. If you’ve participated in previous beta tests, you can log into the same test servers. PC players will have to switch to Halo Infinite’s Friend Code system. Due to the requirement of an access code for PC players who have not taken part in previous tests, this is the case.

In other words, if you have a friend who has already participated in a test, you can ask them for a code. Sign up for Halo Waypoint by visiting their website and providing your email address. After that, a code and installation instructions for the game will be sent to your email. To redeem your Steam key, go to the Steam Help Center and select “Activating a Product.” Simply launch the setup program and the game will be installed automatically.

This walkthrough explains how to use your Friend Code to unlock Halo: Infinite. When you’re here, be sure to read up on how to join the Halo Infinite Flight Test and acquire the Yoroi Samurai Armor.