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gus staring meme

gus staring meme The Gus Staring Meme features a still image of actor Gus from the television show Psych staring intently. The meme typically features text on the top and bottom of the image, with the top text usually being a caption about what Gus is staring at, and the bottom text typically being a reply from Gus.

In May of 2019, a picture of a Shiba Inu dog named Gus staring intently at the camera with bright blue eyes went viral on the internet, inspiring a series of memes.

What is Gustavo Fring most famous line?

Gus Fring is a man who provides for others, even when he is not appreciated or respected. He is a strong man who bears up under difficult circumstances. He is a man to be admired.

Gus Fring is one of the most enigmatic villains on television. He’s also the source of many hilarious memes.
Breaking Bad has a large meme community, and Gus, in particular, has been the cause of some hilarious content. His ability to shift between calm and angry, or from friendly to menacing, is somehow quite funny (and terrifying).
Keep up the good work, Gus! You’re the best meme-maker around!

Is Gus supposed to be Mexican

Gus is a mysterious character with a background that is unknown. He is possibly from Chile, but this is unconfirmed. He is a powerful figure within the cartel and is respected by the other members.

Gus’ death scene in Breaking Bad was a mix of practical and CGI effects. The prosthetic make-up appliances attached to Giancarlo Esposito’s face gave the character a realistic look, but the CGI was used to create the effect of Gus being blown up.

Who was Gustavo Fring’s boyfriend?

Max Arciniega was a great friend and business partner to Gus Fring on Breaking Bad. He will be missed by many fans.

This is your last chance to look at me. I hope you take this opportunity to really see me, and not just the image that you’ve built up in your head. I’m not the monster that you think I am. I’m just a man who’s trying to survive.

Why does Gus make himself puke?

Gus is a recovered addict who knows the dangers of addiction firsthand. He purposefully invokes the trope of a recovered addict to Don Eladio in order to prevent Jesse from drinking the poisoned tequila. Gus knows that Jesse is a former addict and that he needs to be kept sober in order to keep him cooking for Eladio. By taking the drink out of Jesse’s hand, Gus indirectly saves his life.

Gus was extremely ruthless and would kill anyone who got in his way, including children. He even threatened to kill two children if they didn’t do what he wanted. This made him very dangerous and not someone to be messed with.

Why did Gus called Hank

This was a very clever move by Gus. By giving Hank a chance to defend himself, he was essentially sticking it to the cartel without being too obvious. If Gus had ordered a hit out on the brothers himself, it’s likely the cartel would have known and declared war on Gus and his operation.

Max Arciniega was the business and romantic partner of Gustavo Fring and co-founder of the Los Pollos Hermanos franchise. He held advanced degrees in both biochemistry and chemical engineering. Max’s education was financed by Gus after Gus rescued him from the slums of Santiago.

Could Gus have survived?

While practical prosthetic make-up appliances were used for much of Gus’ Breaking Bad demise, CGI was also used to augment the practical work. This was necessary to create the desired effect.

Gus Fring is supposed to be a native Chilean, but according to Martinez, “he sounds like he learned the language in business school.” This is an issue because it takes away from the authenticity of the character.

Why did Gus not walk to his car

He thought about it more while walking back to his car. Hmm, the car was out here unattended for quite a while. So he takes the safe option: Don’t go to your car, take a taxi back to wherever, have his people check the car later.

Tamara Vallejos is absolutely correct – Gus’ Spanish and accent are painfully bad and it’s a huge flaw in an otherwise great character. It’s a shame that such a significant character would be so hampered by such a glaring issue.

Why does Gus stab?

The real reason why Gus killed Victor in such a brutal fashion is because it sends a crystal clear message to the two men: if they put the operation at risk, then Gus wouldn’t hesitate to kill either one of them as well. This is a clear indication that Gus is not someone to be messed with, and that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect his business. Additionally, this act of violence also serves as a warning to Walt and Jesse, showing them that Gus is not someone to be crossed.

The Knot reports that Smyrnios and Carucci got married in a small ceremony in Destin, Florida on October 25. The reception was attended by friends and family, including Smyrnios’ fellow Floribama Shore cast members Kirk Medas and Aimee Hall.

Who is Gus Fring’s rival

Don Hector was a powerful drug lord in Mexico. He was Gus’ main competitor, even though they both reported to Don Eladio. In 1999, Don Hector started his own distribution network, which made him even more powerful. He was a ruthless leader and was feared by many. However, he was ultimately killed by Walter White.

We are so sorry for your loss. Max was a remarkable person and we are proud to have known him. The world is a little darker without him but we are comforted knowing that he is now at peace. Gus was one of Max’s favorite people and it truly warms our hearts to know that they were able to connect on such a deep level. We know that Max would be so touched by this wonderful gesture. Thank you for keeping his memory alive and enriching the lives of others.


The staring meme typically features a close-up photo of someone with a slightly perplexed or amused expression on their face. The classic “Gus” staring meme features actor and comedian Gus Will Cruise looking thoughtful and slightly bemused.

The meme of “gus staring” is a popular one that is often used to express shock or confusion. It is named after the character Gus from the popular television show Breaking Bad. The meme typically features a close up of Gus’s face with his eyes wide open and mouth slightly agape.