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gimkit game code

In the game’s configuration menu, select your class as the first step.

The second step is to become a host.

Quickly and easily end a Live Gimkit game at any time.

To leave, just use the ‘Exit’ link in the top right corner. Specifically, it’s a rightward-pointing arrow inside a semicircle.

Hello, and thanks for visiting KitCodes. With KitCodes, your class will be more active and engaged. That calls for some forethought on your part.

Easily Reproducible KitCodes

KitCodes can be printed by clicking this link. These are great to display around the classroom! The students will use their scanners to make purchases.

Prerequisites for KitCodes Play:

Hang up printed KitCodes around your classroom

Mobile devices give students the freedom to learn anywhere (laptops, tablets, phones)

Students’ devices are equipped with cameras.

Using KitCodes and Their Benefits

While otherwise functioning similarly to Gimkit, KitCodes introduces a new dynamic by requiring students to physically roam around the classroom in order to complete their shopping. If students enter the store, they won’t be able to browse the available upgrades or access the boosters. Instead, they’ll be asked to scan a special KitCode!

In order to locate the KitCode they need, students will have to make their way across the classroom. Then they use a scanner to read the code!

Then, suddenly, bang! That’s the section of the store where they take the students!

Yes, that’s all there is to it! In order to go shopping, kids will need to get up and move around the classroom, where KitCodes have been strategically placed. It’s also great to watch which students are buying what while the game is going on.