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fortnite backrooms code

fortnite backrooms code. Now, we present you with yet another Fortnite article, but this time, you might want to team up with a friend and bring a flashlight, because we’ll be discussing the scariest maps in the game. This is definitely not going to be an article for the easily offended.

fortnite backrooms code
fortnite backrooms code

Use our comprehensive guide to the scariest Fortnite horror map codes to ensure you’re terrified from start to finish. Be prepared for jump scares and plenty of spooky moments, whether you play alone or with friends.

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Codes for Fortnite’s “Horror Map”

The passwords for Fortnite’s scariest maps are listed below. The popularity of different game modes and maps is constantly growing, so be sure to bookmark this page to always have access to the latest and scariest course codes.

The Desire to Play, as Expressed by Emily 3959-2728-0956

Scare! In the 13th Chapter, Part 2 9651-4257-2527

Zombies infest the Metro! 1511-0189-1102

Choices 4147-1805-2195

Areas Behind Closed Doors 4284-8758-1462

This Is The Lift 3964-7837-2736

So Here’s The Thing 4363-4530-4888

Piece 1 of the Final Offering 2898-6711-4466

Scary Movie 2: Jigsaw (9342-7586-1491)

Hero of the Conundrum 6571-8518-6063

You can always tell a JXDVN-created map is straight out of Creepypasta when you play it. If you’re looking for a scary time, you should check out this map, the sequel to another Scare! map he made.

Using this terrifying atlas will be one of the most terrifying things you’ve ever done. Please know that we intend to follow through. Based on the same-named video game, it gave us nightmares for days. We’re talking about the kind of fear that requires you to leave the lights on at night and never use the restroom when you’re by yourself. Be forewarned! The idea behind the map is to investigate a mysterious old house that locks behind you as soon as you step inside. If you want to make it out of here alive, good luck.

fortnite backrooms code
fortnite backrooms code