Skip to content reviews reviews. Want to find out if Flippep is legit? Then you have come to the right place. In order to determine whether or not you should put your trust in, let’s take a closer look at the site’s history. reviews reviews

The following evidence indicates that Flippep is fraudulent:

It advertises a wide variety of goods at ridiculously low prices, which not even Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales at reputable retailers can match. By way of illustration, it offers these items at absurdly low prices. Early BFCM SALES-ELECTRIC FIREPLACE TV CABINET, PREMIUM JUICE MACHINE, 20-PIECE SIGNATURE CAST IRON COOKWARE SET, EXTRA LARGE SOFT SOY BAG JUMBO SOFA, etc.

It shares a design aesthetic and numerous other details with other known scam websites.

Lacks social media icon that would take you to its business-related page. Legitimate online shops, however, typically feature social media icons that lead to the stores’ own groups, pages, or profiles. Therefore, it might not be present on any social media.

There are many online stores like this one, and many customers have complained about the quality of the products, the speed of shipping, and the helpfulness of customer service.


As evidenced above, Flippep is undoubtedly a fraudulent eCommerce website.

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Take note that it is common practice for sites of this type to alter both their domain name and the entirety of their website. The information used to write this review was taken directly from their website on the date specified above. If you visit the website at a later time and find information that differs from what we’ve provided here, then the company must have updated their site. It’s still a questionable location, though. reviews reviews