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fabluarant reviews

Landbase Trading Co Ltd, which owns and operates Fabluarant, has a terrible online reputation. The company has ties to numerous shady online marketplaces and should be avoided.

People often make the mistake of assuming that any business claiming to be based in the United Kingdom actually is. There is a high concentration of these businesses because it is so simple to set up a company in the United Kingdom. You can get a virtual address from a service like Google Mail for as little as $5, in addition to a fake identity and a fictitious mailing address.

The LandbaseTrading Company Limited is not physically based in England. Almost universally negative feedback suggests that these goods were imported from China.

There Is No Contact Information For Customers

The website’s support email, [email protected], is down. Our attempts to reach the customer service representative via email have been fruitless.

Is Unsafe because There Aren’t Enough Safety Features:

The website isn’t safe; neither McAfee nor Norton will protect your data. Data entered by customers on the website is susceptible to being altered by hackers.

Do They Really Serve Food On, Or Is It A Scam?

After reviewing the site’s negative features and customer feedback, it’s clear that is not a reliable or legitimate business. Its low prices, like those of other fraudulent online retailers, are designed to lure in unsuspecting customers. But the final product isn’t up to par when customers place orders.