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did zac efron get plastic surgery

did zac efron get plastic surgery. Zac Efron breaks down the real story of “Jaw-gate.”

did zac efron get plastic surgery
did zac efron get plastic surgery

In an interview with Men’s Health, the 34-year-old actor discussed rumors that he had jaw surgery to improve his appearance in the film Greatest Beer Run Ever. It all started in April of last year when people started saying he didn’t look the same in an Earth Day PSA.

Efron admitted that he has changed in appearance over the past few years and explained that it was because of the extra work his face and jaw muscles had to do after he broke his jaw at home in November 2013.

He explained that before his injury, his masseter muscle and other facial muscles worked together “like a symphony.”

While filming season 2 of his Netflix series Down to Earth in Australia last year, he temporarily stopped seeing a physical therapist to aid in his recovery.

The celebrity was informed by his mother that “jaw-gate,” the media’s term for rumors that he had cosmetic surgery to alter his appearance, had gone viral online.

Efron said that he rarely posts on social media and added, “If I cared about what other people thought of me as much as they might assume I do. There’s no way I could manage this workload.”

Efron also talked about his overall body image during the interview, saying that the ripped body he showed off in 2017’s Baywatch isn’t “attainable.”

To hear Zac Efron tell it, a Papua New Guinea tribe recognized him. Due to the success of “High School Musical,”

“I’m not sure if you can actually achieve that Baywatch look. Insufficient moisture in the skin” Efron declared “It looks computer-generated, or fake. Lasix, a potent diuretic, was necessary to accomplish this. Thus, there is no need for me to carry out that action. Personally, I enjoy carrying around an extra 3% fat.”

In order to stay in shape for the film, Efron reportedly overtrained, ate the same three meals every day, and didn’t get enough sleep (despite taking diuretics).

did zac efron get plastic surgery
did zac efron get plastic surgery