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devsisters redeem code

devsisters redeem code. Players looking for Crystals and other rewards, like furniture and decorations, can benefit from Cookie Run: Kingdom codes. Gift codes for in-game cosmetics and currency are disseminated via the game’s social media channels. In this guide, we’ll list all of the currently-working Cookie Run: Kingdom codes and explain how to put them to use.

devsisters redeem code
devsisters redeem code

ACTIVE TITLE: COOKIE RUN: KINGDOM CODES Time: 10:15 PM, October 2022 CK COOKIELIVE (2,500 Army Bombs) (2,500 Army Bombs)

CRKINGDOMWITHBTS (1,000 Army Bombs, 3,000 Crystals) (1,000 Army Bombs, 3,000 Crystals)

These are the BTS collaboration codes that will net you Army Bombs, the gacha currency required to obtain the BTS cookies.


Get on over to the DevSisters Coupon Page to use that Cookie Run: Kingdom promo code you got in the mail.

You’ll need your DevSisters username, which can be found in the game’s settings. (It’s probably just the email address you linked to your account.)

You can get your rewards from the virtual mailbox after entering the redeem code. If they don’t appear, you should exit and restart Cookie Run: Kingdom.

If you don’t know where to look, you might have trouble finding the screen on which to enter your code. Depending on the device being used, the code entry screen may never appear.

If you’re using an iOS device, only enter codes by clicking the official Cookie Run Kingdom link. A valid email address associated with a Devplay account and a personal unlock code are needed. Anytime you see this screen, you can enter a code.

To redeem a voucher, either play the game on an iOS device or visit the same URL that Apple users do. To activate this function, click on the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the screen. After that, they need to choose Coupons from the subsequent sub-menu. Cookies Rule the Kingdom’s Code Entry Screen In order to redeem a code in an Android game, users will need to enter both their Devplay account email address and the code they have been given. They can use as many legitimate coupons as they like.

devsisters redeem code
devsisters redeem code