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dashing diva reviews

I was trying out Dashing Diva gel strips for the first time and had a ton of errands to run. While I was out there pulling weeds and painting and sorting through the girls’ clothes, I figured they’d surely peel off. Strangely, they stayed put! After that, I took them with me on a trip to Palm Springs, where I wore them by the pool and on the beach. Excellent durability! Here are some of my favorite tricks for achieving Dazzling Diva nails. Why I love these nail decals:

It’s easy on the wallet; a set of these can give you a couple of manicures and costs only about $12.

The sets are interchangeable

Putting them to use is a breeze (it takes me about 10 minutes from start to finish)

Plenty of options are available in terms of color and style.

When you’re finished with them, they’ll come off easily.

In contrast to visiting the nail salon, you only need to redo the nail on which the gel strip is peeling off.

Even the scraps and tiny nails find their way onto my girls.