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Curlmix review

Curlmix review: CurlMix’s hair system was created for each curly girl’s specific hair needs. It started as a do-it-yourself subscription box where they might send consumers the materials to form their own hair products. After an awesome response from customers on their Facebook group asking to make a line, they decided to maneuver forward.

Curlmix review
Curlmix review

CurlMix has received a $2 million boost from the Chicago-based couple famous for turning down a Shark Tank offer a few years back. Founded in 2015, it is a part of the Listener Brands portfolio. According to the CurlMix team’s Instagram post, they have so far raised $2.3 million in a little over two days. In terms of numbers, we’re particularly interested in how many people contributed to the fund, which came in at a little over 3,800.

That implies each of those investors contributed an average of roughly $601.” On Tuesday morning, CurlMix’s equity crowdsourcing campaign was officially started. Before lunch, CurlMix had collected more than $1 million in funding from investors. Six years ago when Kim and Tim Lewis founded CurlMix after their previous venture failed. A subscription box for curly hair has been transformed into a haircare product to boost sales.

The couple’s sales soared to $1 million in only a year. On Shark Tank, the pair rejected Robert Herjavec’s offer of $400,000 for a 20 percent ownership position in the firm. Community support helped them launch a new chapter in their lives when Shark Tank closed its doors. CurlMix’s equity crowdfunding campaign has already garnered over $2.4 million from almost 4,300 investors. In an interview with Black Enterprise, Kim Lewis notes, “Our consumers came up and showed out.”

Curlmix review
Curlmix review

People like Lamar Tyler from Traffic Sales & Profit invested and gave back to their community, and I’m grateful for them. Over 24,000 people belong to the Facebook group Traffic Sales & Profits. Small company owners and entrepreneurs may rely on the organization founded by Lamar Tyler to “fill the profit holes.”

The CurlMix products are homemade, vegan, natural, and cruelty-free. a number of the key ingredients include marshmallow root extract, vegetable glycerin, avocado butter, organic rosehip oil, burn plant, and more. The key ingredient is organic hemp seed oil is full of vitamin E, iron, and zinc. It locks within the moisture and is loaded with healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to assist hair growth.

Hair Growth Pure Flaxseed Gel

I used this gel for an entire week with no other product and my hair loved it. I separated my hair into small sections and applied a dime size amount of the gel and scrunched. The gel held my hair for about two days before I had to restyle it again. I only restyled the sections that were puffy and my problem areas (frontal lobe). At the top of the week, I restyled my hair completely because it had been very dry. All I used was the Hair Growth Gel and a sprig bottle with water.

Soften Hair Pure Flaxseed Gel

I started with this gel because, at the time, the summer weather had made my hair extremely dry. Upon the primary use, I had to stay reapplying the merchandise and wet the sections to form the frizz go down. I didn’t blame the merchandise but far more the very fact that I needed a haircut. I had not cut my hair for an entire year. Therefore, this first-time trial didn’t work on my behalf of me. I did, however, try using the merchandise again after my haircut and saw better results.

Curlmix review
Curlmix review

The watery consistency of the gels makes them an honest product to be utilized in the summertime. I really enjoyed the Pure burn plant shampoo, because I’m an enormous fan of using burn plants in my beauty routine. This shampoo provided my hair with an honest slip that allowed me to detangle it easily. My favorite products during this line are the styling leave-in and therefore the gel.

The pure avocado moisturizer is amazing; I really like the consistency and the way it worked through my hair. I had always heard great things about flaxseed gel but never had the patience to form it reception. This gel is additionally life-changing due to its lightweight consistency.

These two products provided many moisture and definition while leaving my hair soft and bouncy. One thing that I didn’t necessarily look after was the watermelon scent of this line, but this same line comes in several other scents, including lavender, rose, fragrance-free and more.

The products retail exclusively online at the CurlMix website. Each product is priced between $18-$28. you’ll purchase this complete collection on the website for $82.00. These products are on the costlier side, but as a naturally curly girl, you’ve got to make a decision about what’s important to you: saving money or knowing the products that you simply are using on your hair will keep it healthy.

The Verdict

Overall, I didn’t just like the smell of many of those gels but my favorite of the five is the strengthening gel. I feel as if these would work far better if utilized in their respective bundle or wash-and-go set. additionally, I found myself having to reapply the gel throughout the week, about once or twice, so as to take care of the hold.

Curlmix review
Curlmix review

In the other hand, although I had to reapply, it didn’t burden my hair. and since features a gooey consistency, I thought this is able to mean I might undergo the merchandise faster, which wasn’t the case.

The gooey consistency makes these gels perfect for the summertime because, during the winter, I don’t have the necessity to rewet my hair and reapply products. I tend to only style my hair once every week in the winter since I don’t sweat the maximum amount because of the summer and I want to undertake to avoid getting sick. It is also unclear what the shelf-life of those gels is.

I even have gotten very won’t to trying to find the expiration date within the back of the bottle that it almost seems like an inconvenience. Since the gels do nothing on behalf of me within the winter time, I will be able to wait to ascertain if they’re within the least effective in the summer given the length of your time that has already elapsed and therefore the incontrovertible fact that the formula has already liquified.

CurlMix has made over $13 million in sales since its debut in 2015 and expects to make an additional $10 million this year. According to the crowdfunding campaign, the subscription firm is now valued at $25.5 million pre-money, although this is anticipated to rise after investments are complete. According to the crowdfunding campaign, the subscription firm is now valued at $25.5 million pre-money, although this is anticipated to rise after investments are complete.

In an interview with CEO & Co-Founder Kim Lewis, SUBTA was able to discover more about the future of CurlMix and what drove the pair to turn down Shark Tank’s financing and go out on their own in search of money. CurlMix was launched in 2015 as a subscription box for DIY hair care. Delivered at their door, customers prepared their own hair products. Kim and Tim decided to change the contents of their boxes when the subscription became stale.

CurlMix was born when the pair spoke with their adviser from Backstage Capital, who also happens to be an investor in their company. They were the market’s first flaxseed gel suppliers. Their new ready-to-use goods achieved $1 million in sales by the end of 2018. After appearing on Shark Tank in 2019, the Lewises asked for $400k for a 10 percent share in their firm, CurlMix. According to Afrotech, they won’t acquire more than a 15% share. The business-savvy pair would not have been able to accept the possibility of owning less than half of their firm after collecting the money they required. They turned down Herjavec’s offer of $400,000 and a 20% ownership when he asked for it. “It’s hard to say no to half a million bucks,” Tim said on The Jam TV Show. Our value is more than that, and we’ll eventually reach a billion dollars.