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cozzia massage chair reviews

cozzia massage chair reviews. A premium massage chair that excels in all areas and features several interesting new developments. Those with chronic back pain, deep pockets, and a maximum height of 62 inches would benefit greatly from the Cozzia Qi Massage Chair.

cozzia massage chair reviews
cozzia massage chair reviews

You may be in the market for a high-quality massage chair, and you may be interested in learning more about some of the latest and greatest innovations in this field.

If you’re looking for the pinnacle of massage chairs and money is no object, you’ll find a lot to like in our in-depth review of the Cozzia Qi.

Although Cozzia isn’t exactly a household name, the quality of their products and the originality of their designs have earned them a solid reputation. It’s no surprise that their most popular chair is the Qi, and after reading this review, we think you’ll agree that it’s a great option.

Functions of the Cozzia Qi Massage Chair

S-Track Layout with Four Rollers

The foundation of the Cozzia Qi chair is an S-Track and quad rollers. Both are currently accepted norms in the industry, so their inclusion in a chair of this caliber and price range is not surprising in the least.

Technology for 4D Rollers

Incorporating 4D Technology into the Qi’s foundational chair design. Some may dismiss the term “4D Tech” as nothing more than a catchy marketing slogan, but the reality is far more nuanced.

Any massage chair with an S-Track or Hybrid S/L Track design will have rollers that can move in all three dimensions. They shift vertically, laterally, and radially as they adhere to the shape of your spine.

The 3D Body Scan

Obviously, it doesn’t matter how far the rollers can extend away from the massage track if they aren’t reaching the trouble spots on your back.

The rollers in the Cozzia Qi massage chair can be directed in two different ways to ensure they reach the desired spots.

In the first stage of the solution, they employ a 3D body scanning system. The massage chair analyzes your body’s contours and pressure points to fine-tune its rollers before each session.

Although the computer is usually quite accurate, it may make a mistake now and then. There is a solution for when that occurs. You can manually adjust the rollers’ position and the massage field’s width using buttons on the remote, giving you a spa-quality massage each and every time.

cozzia massage chair reviews
cozzia massage chair reviews