Skip to content reviews reviews. Sabita was fantastic — she was quick to respond to my questions, pleasant to talk to, and a wealth of information about the item I needed. I appreciate her assistance in selecting the policy I’ve just bought, and I think she’d be a great asset to your company. reviews reviews

Was a great phone call from the agent Frank, such a gentleman; he reassured me, answered all my questions, and helped me plan for and explain the future to my daughter after my death.

The woman who answered my question provided me with all the details I needed to understand the policy. Not really, but l think her name was Nicky; apologies if l’m wrong about that. That woman has my deepest gratitude.

Provided me with a policy that included most of the features I sought, but because I lacked the financial means to pay for the full coverage I settled for less.

Agent was helpful and informative. Don’t force me to make a decision about which cover best meets my needs. After receiving excellent service from Cover Today’s representatives, I decided to purchase a policy from them. Strongly suggested.

This company has my highest recommendation; I couldn’t be happier with the service I received.

Detailed instructions were provided. Issues addressed in depth. Harry was courteous and attentive, and he provided thoughtful responses to my questions. I feel good about my final choice.

Simple, reassuring, informative, and straightforward — those are the words that best describe my experience, and they all made it a positive one. Mike, the man who explained everything, was very quick and professional, and I appreciate that a lot.

Very patient and thorough in explaining the process; friendly and professional manner helped me feel at ease; I would recommend Cover Today without hesitation.

Exemplary assistance. Before I signed up for insurance, I had all of my questions answered thoroughly. I’m telling you, you should use them.

You can’t afford to wait, and neither can we at Cover Today. Ultimately, there’s more to life than fretting over the unknown. Cover Today makes it easy because of this. No other service for people over 50 is available immediately, but we are! Therefore, if you sign up for our Over 50s Life Insurance, you’ll be completely covered from the very first day1.

We aim to demystify the process of applying for life insurance after age 50. The process doesn’t have to be all about financial forms and jargon, and our helpful UK-based team will help break it down for you. We think life insurance should be unobtrusive and always there to protect the people you care about. When can you anticipate more from Cover Today?

Form filling, doctor visits, and blood tests are all things that have no place in real life. Unlike the majority of the market’s other 50+ providers, we’d like to start covering you immediately1. Cover Today allows you to get simple, straightforward protection in just a few minutes, and if your application is approved, you’ll have coverage in place right away. You’ll just need to answer some basic questions about your health. reviews reviews