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coma inducer comforter reviews

coma inducer comforter reviews. Motivated by the dream of designing bedding so luxurious that you never want to get out of bed. Our authentic Coma Inducer comforters were designed for one thing and one thing only: to make you so physically drowsy that you just can’t bear to get out of bed. Envision a comforter so soft and warm that you would be unable to move from it even if you wanted to. Our Original Coma Inducer, made from ultra-luxurious 330 GSM fluffy heaven, has inspired a whole bedding line dedicated to providing the best in sleep luxury.

coma inducer comforter reviews
coma inducer comforter reviews


Thick, high-end, and gray as charcoal

Fabrication: 280 GSM Internal Stuffing of Polyester

Care Instructions: Washable in a Machine on a Low Heat Setting in Cold Water

This charcoal Coma Inducer Oversized Comforter will keep you toasty on those chilly nights. The luxuriously soft shell of this comforter is encased in a 280 GSM polyester fill that provides the same padding and insulation as real down. Warmth and comfort are ensured by the use of premium plush fabric.


68″ x 90″ for a Twin XL duvet (SHAMS SOLD SEPARATE)

88″ x 90″ for a full size comforter (SHAMS SOLD SEPARATE)

The standard size for a queen duvet is 94 by 98 inches (SHAMS SOLD SEPARATE)

The dimensions of a king comforter are 112 by 94 inches (SHAMS SOLD SEPARATE)

This blanket is incredible. How wonderfully warm and comforting. Just like waking up from a dream. This is something I would suggest to anyone. Follow this url for more information: It’s gorgeous, breathable, and just the right temperature. It’s nice to have a soft, cuddly comforter even though I live in Arizona, and when they say coma-inducing, they mean it; this comforter makes you want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep immediately. This comforter makes me so happy because of how soft it is, and because it comes with two pillow shams that are themselves soft, furry, and cuddly.

coma inducer comforter reviews
coma inducer comforter reviews