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Clickearners Review

Clickearners Review: may be a website where you’ll find out how to become a virtual assistant and obtain paid to try to freelance work, tasks, and projects from home. According to this website, you’ll work from anywhere you would like and choose your hours. That’s all good. you’ll work as a web assistant (although you’ll get paid to be a web ‘slave’), but you see, I don’t trust in the least because they’re going to charge you for a service.

Clickearners Review
Clickearners Review

How Does Work?

Let’s re-evaluate the steps from the official website. They claim that each one you would like to try to do is following the three simple steps to start out earning online as a virtual assistant. Here’s what they ask you to do:


Activate Your Account
Follow the instructions and begin Earning
Then, once you’re in, you’re getting to get a chance to settle on a spread of jobs such as:

Product Testing
Typing & Writing
Data Entry Online Research
Social Media Management
and more Review – Fake Jobs

Clickearners Review
Clickearners Review

To make it appear as if a legitimate service, they’re going to offer you a couple of “How To’s” and direct you to freelance sites where you’ll find those jobs. However, you don’t need to urge them. As I said, you’ll find equivalent gigs everywhere internet for free of charge. Also, some people complained about paying but that they never got login information that I will be showing you later with a few screenshots. That’s a transparent sign of a scam ongoing.

Who is that this for?
They claim that it’s for anyone who is looking to form money online as a virtual assistant. Your skills and background aren’t relevant as long as you’re willing to try to do the work. However, i feel that is the best for the owner who is, by the way, anonymous, which is another sign of a scam ongoing.

Can You Make Money With This?

I tried to seek out a minimum of one happy customer which will confirm that this website may be a legitimate place for creating money online. After a couple of hours of research, all I got were complaints that was a scam. I’ll show you a couple of them later during this review. In theory, yes, you’ll make money as a virtual assistant. However, the earnings are meager.

Clickearners Review
Clickearners Review

For example, survey sites pay a couple of cents for every survey you complete. Other jobs are equally low pay. If you dedicate enough time to at least one particular job, you would possibly be ready to earn some serious money down the road. PROS

The short answer would be nothing. a touch longer answer would be, I don’t like anything about Except, maybe that money-back guarantee. Everything else is, in my opinion, a scam designed to trick you into pocket money. CONS

On the opposite hand, I even have prepared a couple of warning signs that show that isn’t a trusted site and is presumably a scam.

Is a Scam or Legit? – Final Verdict

Based on tons of evidence that I’ve shown you in my review, my final verdict is that is presumably a scam. Maybe not a scam, per se, but it definitely falls into the category of shady and scammy ones. I don’t trust this website in the least.

What does one think? Is Clickearners a scam or legit?

Let me know your opinion in the comments section. You see, you don’t get to pay to become a virtual assistant. Those jobs are free, and sites that host these jobs also are liberal to join. At least, people who are legitimate. Anyone who will charge you to urge access to virtual assistant jobs is perhaps trying to scam you.

Clickearners Review
Clickearners Review

Besides, has many negative reviews out there that confirm my claim up here. As you’ll see, some people have even filed complaints that the location is fake. they assert they were ignored as soon as they paid a membership fee. Lastly, I don’t recommend bogus sites to my readers. The Internet is filled with them. So, stay safe and always look for a review. is another one during a row that’s up to no good.