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Cleo Smith Documentary

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Cleo Smith Documentary: The mother of the missing 18-year-old Cleo Smith has spoken out about the ordeal her daughter went through while she was gone.

Mum Ellie Smith and stepfather Jake Gliddon spoke out about Cleo’s abduction in an exclusive interview with 60 Minutes.

On the early morning of October 16, 2021, Cleo was kidnapped from her family’s tent at the Quobba Blowholes Campsite in Western Australia.

Cleo Smith Documentary

Cleo Smith Documentary
Cleo Smith Documentary

A worldwide manhunt was launched when she went missing. Police found her at a residence near Carnarvon, around 80 kilometers from where she was kidnapped, on November 3. Terence Darrell Kelly, 36, was arrested after Cleo’s body was discovered.

What her daughter had to say about the 18 days they apart had now been shared to Smith by her daughter. “She informed us that she was afraid,” Smith said to Tara Brown, a reporter.

“She was afraid and didn’t know where we were since she was imprisoned in a room.”

Kelly has subsequently pleaded guilty to kidnapping a minor and appeared in court via a video connection from Casuarina Prison in Perth in late January.

As of March, the case has been delegated for a sentencing mention to the District Court of Western Australia (WA). “She’s a fan,” she said to Brown.

“In Perth, someone approached her and said, “Hi Cleo,” to which she replied, “Hi! Hello!”

The child, on the other hand, is perplexed by the circumstances.

Astonishment filled her mother’s eyes as we drove away. Smith went on to say more.

The realization that her daughter had been kidnapped was also a topic of conversation for her.

“My heart felt like it was… “She’s not here,” it said, “she’s not going to rush into my arms.” She’s not going to take a run down a sand dune, either “Smith said,

“That was the moment I realized that someone else had her, which made my heart and mind ache at the same time since she was so far away. A thief has stolen her and a thief has kidnapped my child.” According to her, it was “hello mummy” that Smith’s child’s first words were.

After she said “hello mother,” and I replied, “Hey baby,” Smith described the moment as “such a nice one.”

“My name is Cleo” was the first thing the little girl said to authorities when they discovered her, and the tale became a worldwide phenomenon, with millions of people across the globe expressing satisfaction that she had been found safe and sound.

60 Minutes they interviewed Tara Brown via video conference because of severe Covid lockdowns in Western Australia. As of this writing, the family has allegedly earned A$2 million, a new record for Australian television.

In addition to a miniseries or documentary, the agreement includes content for Channel 9’s website and print publications.

Cleo Smith Documentary
Cleo Smith Documentary

Police officers and Cleo aren’t expected to participate in the interview.

Cleo Smith’s kidnapper is still on the loose.

Kelly, Terence

Terence Kelly, the man who kidnapped Cleo Smith from her family’s tent and held her for 18 days, has admitted to the crime. On November 3, at 12.46 a.m., investigators stormed Kelly’s Carnarvon home and discovered the little girl alone in a bedroom playing with toys. Kelly, 36, was detained. The next day, he was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and sent to Perth, where he was held at Casuarina Prison.

On Monday, Kelly admitted to kidnapping via video connection in Carnarvon Magistrate’s Court.

After getting her head shaved, Kelly seemed pensive and spent much of the hearing staring at the ground. Ben White urged him to plead guilty to abduction, and all he said was “guilty” in response.

On October 16 at the Quobba Blowholes campground, he acknowledged stealing Cleo from her parents’ tent as they slept just meters away.

Four cops invaded his house at midnight and found her following an 18-day search, the biggest in Australian history.

Cleo Smith Documentary
Cleo Smith Documentary

A day after Cleo’s recovery, WA Officers acting Commissioner Col Blanch said mobile phone data and CCTV evidence of a vehicle entering Carnarvon the night Cleo went missing led police to search Kelly’s home.

No information about why Kelly stole Cleo or how police solved the case has been presented in court in more than ten weeks. A message thanking the community for their support and seeking privacy from Cleo’s family has been issued following her safe homecoming.

As recently as last week, it was revealed that Nine Network, the organization behind this masthead, had agreed to spend over $2 million for an interview with the family, making it one of the most expensive shows ever produced in Australia.

Survivors of the Beaconsfield mine collapse in Tasmania received $1 million apiece, while unknown sums were awarded to miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb, stranded underground for two weeks.

What happened to Cleo?

Cleo Smith Documentary
Cleo Smith Documentary

No sex offenders were involved in the kidnapping of Cleo Smith, as cops have verified, as they announce that she is ‘physically OK’ after spending more than two weeks away from her family… Police have confirmed that Cleo is physically uninjured after being checked out at the hospital. Detectives have verified that the man suspected of kidnapping 4-year-old Cleo Smith was not on the sex offenders list, and they say she is ‘physically OK’ despite spending more than two weeks away from her family.

The kidnapped four-year-old was discovered unharmed at 12.45 a.m. on Wednesday in a locked room of a dilapidated property in the Western Australian town of Brockman, a suburb of Carnarvon. Detective Sergeant Cameron Blaine, one of four detectives who rescued the youngster, asked her three times to give him her name before he found her alive and healthy.

Detective Superintendent Rod Wilde has identified no sex offender as the 36-year-old man questioned her disappearance.

In response to a reporter’s question regarding his reputation in the community as having an “unhealthy interest in youngsters,” he said that the police “had not received such information.”

Is Cleo Smith still alive today?

When my deputy editor broke the news to me at 4.50 am that Cleo Smith had been discovered alive in Carnarvon, 18 days after she had gone missing on a family camping holiday, I burst into exuberant celebration. He added that a residence was broken into, and she was located inside. In Rob’s hotel room, Evelyn is banging on the door. “Fortunately, she was discovered! I don’t swear at my employer too much.

Cleo Smith Documentary
Cleo Smith Documentary

When my deputy editor broke the news to me at 4.50 am that Cleo Smith had been discovered alive in Carnarvon, 18 days after she had gone missing on a family camping holiday, I burst into exuberant celebration.

According to him, the police “broke down a door” and discovered her hiding in the residence.

“Everything we have is being thrown at this. We need you to fly out of Perth at 7:00 a.m. on the next day.”

Ellie Smith and Jake Gliddon, the young parents I’d met only two weeks before, were etched into my memory. Evelyn Manfield and Rob Koenig-Luck, my colleagues at Carnarvon, had just woken up as well, so I hurried out the door with my luggage in hand. In Rob’s hotel room, Evelyn is banging on the door. “Fortunately, she was discovered! She’s still with us.”

Breaking news of the incredible discovery was live on television by 5:00 a.m.

As Rob noted, “I’ve never got to tell a tale that made so many people laugh and weep at the same time” in his 32-and-a-half years with ABC.