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chris moyles affair

chris moyles affair. When Dave Vitty joined Chris Moyles on their Radio 1 Breakfast Show in the early 2000s, the two were a radio powerhouse.

chris moyles affair
chris moyles affair

Comedy Dave and I’m a Celebrity contestant Dave Chris and Dave used to be the best of friends on and off air, but that ended in 2011 when Chris was photographed on vacation with Dave’s ex-wife.

Months after Dave announced their “amicable” separation, Chris and TV presenter Jayne Sharp were seen in Paphos, Cyprus, with Chris’s brother Kieron and his wife Kerry.

Mike Walsh, a Cypriot resident who was also at the Coral Bay bar when Chris and Jayne were there, told the Mirror: “Someone asked him for a photo while he was sitting in the corner with Jayne, so he posed for them.

There was a girl at the bar who recognized me and said, “That’s Dave Vitty’s missus.” She was disappointed that Comedy Dave and the gang weren’t there.”

To a large extent, it was just the two of them, with occasional visitors who sat with them for a while before wandering off.”

Despite the fact that there is no evidence to suggest otherwise, Chris’s supposedly lifelong friendship with Dave ended on this trip.

Radio 1 employees were taken aback by how publicly the two men had feuded during their trip, as reported by The Mirror at the time.

At the time, an insider said, “They were so tight-knit but that changed almost overnight after Dave got wind of the friendship.”

Very quickly, things went downhill, and they never recovered to their previous state.”

While Chris and Dave did continue to work together on the Breakfast Show, they both held dramatic departure parties when their time there came to an end.

Dave and his pals met up in a London watering hole, and then made their way to where Chris was waiting.

Friends of Dave’s say he was hurt when Chris became close with Jayne, who had dated fellow radio star Chris Evans and hosted ITV’s late-night bingo show Bingo Live.

chris moyles affair
chris moyles affair