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chiquis rivera weight loss

chiquis rivera weight loss. Chiquis Rivera, daughter of Jenni Rivera, has slimmed down for the New Year, and she discusses her weight loss in the most recent issue of PEOPLE en Espaol.

chiquis rivera weight loss

Chiquis lost the 30 pounds she wanted to in just 8 weeks with the help of celebrity nutrition and wellness consultant Alejandro Chabn.

Chiquis, now 28, says, “I always got called gordita” (chubby) by strangers. Yes, I once loved a little chubby girl, and she’s still here with me, but as I tell the gordita every chance I get: It’s time for you to take a break.

The young actress claims that she was able to reach her goal by excluding white rice and chocolate from her diet.

The work that Chiquis has put in is commendable, says Chabn. Being a part of her life has been rewarding because she motivates so many people.

Chiquis claims that her new body has made her feel confident and attractive, but that maintaining it has become more of a challenge than before.

She says, “The curves are there, and I want them there,” as she prepares to launch a career as a regional Mexican music singer in honor of her mother, a Latin Grammy winner who died in a plane crash in Mexico a year ago.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter was caught on camera, looking disheveled and as if she had just woken up, boasting about the morning ritual she uses to burn fat: drinking a glass of water into which she has squeezed a few drops of lemon.

chiquis rivera weight loss

Even though Chiquis Rivera’s hips are still very visible in profile, her belly is flatter and her rear attributes are still very raised because she did not wear underwear to accentuate even more his physical progress. However, he did not anticipate what would happen to him with the surgeon.

You can see how the man, from his office, hugs the singer who is wearing a cap because he wants to remain anonymous, but he was forced to pose for the photos and was even tagged, which will undoubtedly lead to its public display after he assures everyone that his body is natural.