Friendship Quotes

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Top 20 Quotes about Brother

Brothers are such a blessing. He is your biggest enemy at home but the best friend friend and protector outside your home. You share many things with him even those things which can’t be share with your parents. Brothers are sometimes unbearable but the truth is you can’t live without them. Here are some quotes …

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Top 20 Quotes about Boyfriend

Boyfriend is a special addition to every girls life. He is the prince of her life that she dream about. Her lover for her boyfriend can’t measured with anything. Girls express their love to their boyfriend in many ways but the most charming way is the words that carry her emotions and feeling for her …

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Anniversary Quotes

Well Anniversary quotes are too common and can be fitted and used with number of events, either it is your marriage anniversary, friendship anniversary, job anniversary, relationship anniversary or anniversary of your business these quotes are suitable to celebrate in proper and best way. Save and share these quotes. Anniversary Quotes

Betrayal Quotes

Read Best 20 Betrayal Quotes. Why do people Betrayed? Is not it that people want to get the benefits of unemployment or want to ruin the efforts of others? Or else, it is not so that people who already exist with them do this with fear of losing it, for example, to save their ‘respect’ …

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Jealousy Quotes

Jealousy is a natural phenomenon or it’s a mental or emotional disorder? Psychiatrist through research proved that it’s a natural phenomenon as it’s also been found in animals. Jealousy begins at juvenile stage as brotherly competitiveness. It is evolutionarily learned, natural or primitive sentiment for an individual. Find, save and share Jealousy top Quotes. Jealousy …

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Hippie Quotes

Everyone is sharing and liking Hippie Quotes on social media but few of them know about Hippie. Hippie is a trendy movement defined by both young and the agitated; Hippies believe to live a loving and free life. What Hippies feel and believe will be more understandable with some of the famous hippie quotes of …

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Be Yourself Quotes

No matter how much hardships and suffers you face in life, maintain your identity and always be yourself.  There are various ways to express yourself. As long as the person keeps being someone for the society he is at a loss.  Forget about what others think of you, be your true self, have faith in …

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Top 27 Smile Quotes

Top 27 Smile Quotes

When we smile our brain consider this as signal of happiness and this way it sends positive and energetic signals to whole body. Morning time is the best time to smile and collect all energies for rest of the day. Share these Top 27 Smile Quotes, to spread happiness and smiles. Top 27 Smile Quotes

Best 27 cousin quotes

Best 27 Cousin Quotes

Cousins are blessing of GOD . Cousins are soul sisters and soul brothers to whom you can share each and everything in your life . Cousins are the best things that can happen to anyone and to be very honest every mischief and hang out belongs to your cousins . Cousin means the childhood that …

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