Skip to content Review Review: is an untrustworthy site that claims to be associated with a cash app and which seems to be aimed toward making people believe they will put money into their cash app. the location isn’t anything legit or something that you simply should be thrilled about but should preferably be careful of what you give them in terms of data and remember of the very fact that they’ll just be using you to urge whatever they need from you. Review Review

They’re also referred to as cash app claim 500 and therefore the URL leads you to a YouTube channel where you’re only faced with the choice to subscribe to their Channel. during this review we’ll be assessing whether or not they are legit, genuine, a scam, fake, fraudulent, good or a nasty site so if you’ve got questions like what’s this could be of help.

The truth about

The site approximately called site won’t assist you in any way and maybe a mere waste of your time that’s also quite risky if they get a tip. it’s also a possible attempt by whoever is behind the location to undertake to urge subscribers on the YouTube channel which may any day have their name changed and only be worried about getting people to observe videos in order that they are often monetized. Review Review

There also are a couple of reasons why the location can’t be trusted. The site doesn’t have any owner who is understood to be the one behind the location. The admin also doesn’t want to be known and this is often why they’re hiding their details from the general public as far as we will tell there’s no such thing as their website because they’re only redirecting to YouTube. Review Review

don’t do anything the location tricks you into doing like subscribing to their Channel for the mean solar time. they’re also a really new site which was created in May 2020 on the 17th.


There is nothing legit and trustworthy about the location of those that become involved with the location will only risk getting malware or getting employed by the location because the site doesn’t seem to possess the other intention than to form you subscribe to their Channel. Review Review

However, you ought to not be worried about this site. If you’ve got more questions regarding what’s or have some experience just allow us know within the comments section.