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bytetag reviews

bytetag reviews. Dogs can get lost for a variety of reasons, such as not knowing how to be off-leash, being afraid of the noises of the city, or just wandering off. No one ever expects it to be their dog, but then it happens.

bytetag reviews
bytetag reviews

Among the many new QR code products available, ByteTag serves this purpose.

There has been such a thing as a “smart” dog tag, designed to be attached to a dog’s collar, since the year 2021.

When ByteTags went on sale for Black Friday, I had to get some. It’s been almost a month, and I still haven’t received my order. My email address wasn’t included in any shipping confirmation or tracking emails. They haven’t responded either. In order to get my money back, I had to file a case with PayPal.

Initially, I just ordered one for my large dog so I could gauge its size before purchasing any for my small dog. The four canines are now outfitted with their own individual ByteTags. With the sale going on and the coupon code I received after my first purchase, I was able to get all four for only $37, and shipping was lightning fast. I like how it instantly lists all the pets and their details. It’s comforting to know that if my dogs ever got loose, they’d be looked after until I can retrieve them.

I can’t wait to show off my new pet tag! Positive overall experience and happy with the purchase. What I’ve heard is true, and I endorse it wholeheartedly! Having such a reliable identification tag for your dog or cat is a fantastic idea in my book.

Since I haven’t had time to get my puppy microchipped, I got the ByteTag as a backup plan in case we ever got separated. App installation and setup were breezes. We put the notifications through their paces, and they performed faultlessly. As far as dogs are concerned, the product’s light weight is an advantage. Highly suggested to all the human parents I know with dogs.

The hope is that if your dog ever gets lost, a complete stranger will be able to care for him or her, get in touch with you, and return your pet to you.

We paid a total of $27.00 for one ByteTag, which included the list price of $21.95, plus shipping and handling of $10.05.

In order to avoid special treatment, we shopped like anyone else.

There are a total of 23 designs, but we went with the Digital Dogs theme.

We don’t approve of their shady practise of saying their sale ends today when in reality it happens every day.

The tag’s absence of a recurring fee, however, is a major benefit. It’s a one-time purchase with infinite use.

The tag’s lightweight construction was the first thing we noticed about its design.

It’s just a piece of paper with a QR code inside of some acrylic plastic, despite its diminutive appearance.

Weirdly, the tag we received was not the same one displayed in the store or demonstrated in the videos.

In the clips, the tag is somewhat more spherical and has full printing on its surface rather than being lined with paper.

Perhaps the fashion has been updated; I am unaware of the latest developments.

Another thing I noticed was that the paper that came with it instructed me to scan it using NFC, but that didn’t work.

Two minor disappointments from ByteTag, which might make sense if they redesigned the tags and ditched the NFC functionality.

Let us explain why these problems do not affect the ByteTag’s essential functionality.

bytetag reviews
bytetag reviews