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buy lirr tickets

buy lirr tickets. Purchasing your tickets for the Long Island Rail Road or Metro-North Railroad in advance is the most convenient option. Find out how to purchase tickets via your mobile device, at a ticket office, at a ticket machine, in the mail, through your employer, and even onboard a train.

buy lirr tickets
buy lirr tickets

With the new TrainTime app, riders of the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North can book tickets, check train times and locations on the go, and even have live conversations with support staff.

All types of LIRR and MNR tickets, as well as some MetroCard options, can be purchased at ticket offices. Cash, debit/credit cards, and transit benefit cards are accepted methods of payment. Personal checks are accepted for LIRR monthly, weekly, and 10-trip tickets, as well as 5-plus one-way tickets.

Purchasing tickets on the ship will cost you more. You’ll pay an extra $5.75-$6.50 for them compared to buying tickets in advance of boarding. In-flight tickets are only available for one-way travel.

On peak trains, passengers with off-peak tickets will be charged the higher peak fare. Extra fees for going to or from a station not originally included on the ticket will be rounded up to the nearest dollar, as will any step-up fares or extension-of-ride fares.

Tickets for the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) can be purchased with a tax-free transit benefit program if your employer provides one.

It’s important to remember that organizations providing transit benefits are not affiliated with the MTA. Tickets purchased using a pre-tax program will have any refunds applied to the original benefit card.

Your monthly ticket will be sent straight to the MTA TrainTime app on your phone with the help of the Mail&Ride service.

Paper ticket delivery, UniTickets, and MetroCards will be discontinued along with the Mail&Ride program in October 2021.

All ticket types*, including pre-valued MetroCards and UniTickets, can be purchased from gray machines.

Red vending machines sell most one-way and round-trip ticket types as well as prepaid MetroCards. Monthly, weekly, 10-trip, or package tickets are not available at these vending machines.

Ticket, MetroCard, and UniTicket pre-loads, as well as all other ticket varieties*, can be purchased from blue vending machines. Only credit and debit cards can be used in these vending machines. There is no option to pay with cash.

You can purchase any type of ticket* or an AirTrain MetroCard from the green machines on the LIRR.

buy lirr tickets
buy lirr tickets