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buy codeine linctus

buy codeine linctus. Under the Medicines Act 1968 and the Human Medicines Regulations 2012, codeine linctus can only be sold over-the-counter in pharmacies by licensed pharmacists. The medicine’s high risk comes from the well-known issues associated with its misuse, abuse, or overuse, even though it has legitimate medical uses (such as relieving a dry cough).

buy codeine linctus

The pharmacies in question did not do a good job of spotting and handling potential dangers related to purchasing or reselling codeine linctus. Our unannounced checks revealed that there were not always sufficient measures in place to guarantee the safe and proper handling of sales. Inadequate safeguards meant that repeat purchases were common and demand patterns went undetected. The same customers were targeted for additional purchases in some cases.

After these checks, the pharmacies had their licenses restricted so that they could not sell or provide codeine linctus preparations to anyone without a valid prescription from the NHS. The pharmacy’s regular responsible pharmacist and the pharmacy’s superintendent pharmacist have also been warned. It was determined that the individual had authorized the distribution of codeine linctus without appropriate safeguards, relying instead on questionnaires and sketchy clinical data. Other superintendents and the responsible pharmacist who have been accused of similar wrongdoing are still being investigated to determine whether or not they are fit to practice.

Director of Insight, Intelligence, and Inspection Claire Bryce-Smith stated:

Opioids have the potential to be abused and are therefore a dangerous medication. In order to prevent abuse and ensure that patients receive safe, patient-centered care, we know that the vast majority of pharmacies and professionals across the United Kingdom have put in place the necessary safeguards. In the past year, we have taken swift and severe action against 36 pharmacies and a superintendent pharmacist that lacked these protections.

buy codeine linctus

Codeine linctus requesters may be well-rehearsed, convincing, or aggressive, and they frequently take advantage of shift patterns by counting on sloppy handoffs and misunderstandings. In order to prevent repeat sales and identify trends in requests, we are urging pharmacy owners and professionals to maintain vigilance.