Skip to content Play Play Play Play: It’s a friendly little block that enjoys playing! Blooks reflect players, and there are a multitude of them waiting to be unlocked. We’re confident that whether you build your own question collection, import one using our converter software, or find one in our Discover database, you’ll have the perfect set for your class. There are still a variety of exclusive game types to choose from, all of which are sure to engage students. Also, keep an eye out for limited-time seasonal and event modes. Play Play

A instructor simply hosts a game in front of the class on a wide screen, and students participate and play on their own devices using the Game ID. Play

Teachers can better understand how their students are doing and recognize areas that need to be reviewed again with comprehensive score reports and question analysis. Students will not only have a good time during a game session, but they will also be answering questions to review the material learned in class. Play Play